Top 6 Long Riding Boots For Short Legs (Review Guide)

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Looking for long riding boots for short legs?

While I don’t suffer this challenge, I have plenty of horse riding friends that do.

After helping my friends, I discovered the best riding boots short legs options and wanted to let you know about them.

Let’s dive right into my review guide.

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6 Best Tall Riding Boots For Short Legs Review

Finding off-the-shelf long riding boots for short legs is challenging. While brands offer a larger range of sizes, there is no standard across the industry.

This means that sizes, calf dimensions, and heights will differ from boot model to boot model.

I’ve narrowed down some amazing options for you here, so let’s take a look.

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#1 Dublin Holywell Tall Field Boot (WINNER)

long riding boots

These are great looking boots that are nice enough for the show ring but equally comfortable for riding at home.

They are made from soft, durable leather and have a leather lining. One feature I really like about these boots is the full-length elastic panels. This will help when it comes to comfort.

They also help when it comes to breaking your new boots in as there is some flexibility.

While these boots don’t have a very short option, they do have some shorter heights that will suit some equestrians looking for long riding boots for short legs.

Let’s take a close look at the features of these boots.

Features & Attributes

  • Full grain leather
  • Full zipper
  • Elastic lace fronts
  • Rubber outsole
  • Moisture wicking liner
  • Spanish cut top


  • Foot sizes from 5.5 to 11.5
  • Boot height from 16.93 to 18.7 inches

Benefits & Drawbacks of Dublin Holywell Tall Field Boot

Contoured fitSome users find that the zipper rubs
Arch supportSome find the calf runs small
Elastic panel
Soft leather

How it Compares to Others

These Dublin boots are a middle of the road boot price wise. They aren’t super expensive but still made from nice quality leather.

Expert Tips

All riding boots take a bit of time to break in. Check out this equestrian’s tips that will help you do this as easily as possible.

What Influencers Say About This

Many users have commented on the leather quality for the price and find these boots comfortable.

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#2 Brogini Adults Casperia V2 Riding Boots – Good Value

long riding boots

Brogini boots come in a wide range of sizes, including short. I met other equestrians who have found them a good option for shorter legs.

While they are a more budget-friendly option they look like a more expensive pair of riding boots.

Features & Attributes

  • Leather sole
  • Spur rests
  • Rear zip
  • Snap closures
  • Synthetic leather calf.


  • Foot size 4.5 to 12
  • Leg height 15.35 to 21.2 inches

Benefits & Drawbacks of Brogini Adults Casperia V2 Riding Boots

Great priceLeather sole not as durable as rubber
Lots of size optionsCan be hard to find short sizes

How it Compares to Others

This boot is a great price when it comes to tall boots. They are one of the few options that have short heights.

Expert Tips

When trying to fit long boots it is important to measure your legs first. Keep in mind that as these boots break in they will ‘drop’ an inch or two. You want to get it right so that they aren’t too short when broken in.

Learn how to measure your legs with this video.

What Influencers Say About This

Equestrians say these boots are ‘easy to look after’, ‘look like real leather’, and ‘comfortable’. Overall for the price they are a great option.

Brogini Adults Casperia V2 Riding Boots (7 US Calf 4 (15 inches)) (Black)
  • Classically styled, the casperia (plain) boots feature a genuine leather foot and specially designed synthetic leather calf.
  • This innovative fabric is designed with a 3D stretch which grips and contours the leg without being restrictive.
  • The heel features two rubber spur studs and the bottom of the zip is protected by a press button spur-guard.

#3 Horze Equestrian Women Rover Tall Field Boots – Most Comfortable

Horze is well known for its budget-friendly equestrian gear. This particular boot model comes with a short leg, wide calf option, which will suit many riders that find it hard to get boots that fit.

In addition to Chewy, you can also find these boots on Amazon.

long riding boots

Features & Attributes

  • Synthetic leather
  • Elastic laces
  • Eco rider sole
  • Elasticated back panels


  • Foot size from 6 to 10
  • Calf height from 16.14 to 18.30 inches

Benefits & Drawbacks of Horze Equestrian Women Rover Tall Field Boots

Great priceHard to fit short legs with small calves
BreathableRun small
Superior comfort

How it Compares to Others

Not only are these boots comfortable, they are also an amazing price. They have short options but these tend to suit bigger calves, so not all riders will find a pair that fits.

Expert Tips

To keep your boots in good condition and lasting a long time, it is important to care for them. One thing I recommend is using boot trees. Learn some more boot care tips from this helpful video:

What Influencers Say About This

Riders love the grippy inner calves of these boots. Plus the price is great for long riding boots.

#4 Ariat Women’s Heritage Contour II Field Zip Riding Boot – Top Quality

long riding boots

You probably have heard of Ariat. They make all kinds of amazing boots for equestrians and put a lot of research into making their footbeds super comfortable. Ariat boots are made with quality materials.

They have short options for their tall leather riding boots. While they might not suit very short legs, many riders are able to find the perfect pair.

These boots will suit any rider, but for the price, they are probably a better option for experienced riders.

Features & Attributes

  • Ariat 4LR footbed system
  • Leather lining
  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Elasticized panel
  • Elastic gusset


  • Foot sizes from 5.5 to 11
  • Calf heights from 16.5 to 20.5 inches

Benefits & Drawbacks of Ariat Women’s Heritage Contour II Riding Boot

High-quality leatherExpensive
Supportive and comfortableHard to find some sizes
Breathable material

How it Compares to Others

These are one of the highest quality leather boots with the best insole that you can get without going custom. However, they are more expensive than the others.

Expert Tips

Here are some great tips from Ariat on how to fit their boots.

What Influencers Say About This

Take a closure look at these boots in the equestrian’s video as she models them

ARIAT Women's Heritage Contour Ii Field Zip Tall Riding Boot
  • New 4LR footbed system for superior comfort
  • New, ultra-contoured fit through the ankle
  • Premium full-grain leather upper
  • Full-leather lining
  • Moisture-wicking sock liner

#5 TuffRider Ladies Starter Field Boots – Best Beginner Boots

long riding boots

Many beginners start with paddock boots but those who want more support should consider long riding boots.

These boots are designed for those just starting out and are affordable price. These are synthetic boots that are great for leisure riders.

Features & Attributes

  • Synthetic leather
  • Punched toe cap
  • Fully lined


  • Foot sizes from 6 to 11
  • Come in narrow and wide foot
  • Calf height 18 to 21.5 inches

Benefits & Drawbacks of TuffRider Ladies Starter Field Boots

FlexibleNo very short options
AffordableRun large
Zipper back

How it Compares to Others

These are cheap boots but last well for the price. The heights aren’t as short as some other options.

Expert Tips

If you’re new to wearing long boots, make sure you buy some long boots and socks. They are designed to wear under long boots, so they aren’t too thick and will protect your legs from rubs.

What Influencers Say About This

These are really popular boots with users saying they have solid zippers, are comfy, and are durable.

TuffRider Ladies Starter Back Zip Field Boots in Synthetic Leather
  • Footwear by TuffRider
  • Water resistant
  • Extremely flexible

#6 Equistar Women’s Field Equestrian Riding Boot – Most Affordable

long riding boots

If you are looking for boots that are affordable, take a look at these. While they don’t have a specific short option, the height of these boots is not as high as many others.

Features & Attributes

  • Dry-Tex moisture wicking
  • Leather look material
  • EquiStar Sole System


  • Foot sizes from 5 to 10
  • Calf height from 17 to 18.5 inches

Benefits & Drawbacks of Equistar Women’s Field Equestrian Riding Boot

Very affordableNot the most durable
Grippy soleSizing is a bit off
Soft material

How it Compares to Others

These are among the cheapest boots in my guide. They are a good option for those that don’t want to spend a lot.

Expert Tips

You will occasionally have to replace the adjustable laces for your field boots. Learn how to do it with this video.

What Influencers Say About This

Equestrians who have purchased these boots find them ‘beautiful’, ‘comfortable’, and ‘easy to clean’.

The above as just some of my favorite long riding boots. Check out equestrian tall riding boots for more top picks.

Equistar Women's All-Weather Synthetic Field Equastrian Riding Boot, Black, 7.5
  • Designed with a very narrow profile in the leg
  • The shaft of the boot is cushion lined with Dry-Tex for superior moisture management
  • Made of the finest lead free 'Leather Look' material, which provides a soft leather feel with superb wear
  • The top of the shaft is lined in synthetic leather for a traditional appearance
  • The EquiStar Sole System is long-lasting and designed to provide added comfort with its reduced weight and improved flexibility

How To Choose The Best Long Riding Boots For Short Legs?

Choosing the best tall riding boots for short legs is a little frustrating as not all brands make boots to suit. But with a few tips, I hope I can make the process a little easier for you.

Measure Your Legs

Before purchasing tall riding boots for short legs make sure to measure your legs. I included a video above on how to do this.

Once you have your measurements look at the band size charts to find the model that will suit you the most.

How Often You Ride

How often you ride will affect which pair of boots you should get. If you only ride once per week, a cheaper, though less durable pair will work fine. However, if you ride every day, then look for something more durable.


#1 Do knee high boots make you look taller?

Knee high boots don’t really make you look taller. This is because they stop just below the knee and cut the look of your leg in half.

#2 What boot height is best for short legs?

Ankle boots are best for short legs. If you are worried about how riding boots will make your leg look, paddock boots are the best option.


Long riding boots for short legs can be hard to find and I feel your frustration. I hope my guide has helped you in your search with some good options.

Final Recommendation

My winner, Dublin Holywell Tall Field Boot, is a quality boot that has sizes that will suit some equestrians looking for riding boots for short legs.

lady riding boot

What are your favorite long riding boots? Let us know below!

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