Majestic Horse Names (200+ Fascinating Ideas to Choose From)

Choosing majestic horse names is no easy task. There is no need to worry, though. I completely understand.

Without further delay, here are some great majestic names for horses, from enchanting options for your girl horse to mythical horse names for your favorite horse.

If you don’t have the time right now to read the whole list below, here are 20 of my top favorite picks.

Majestic Horse Names for StallionsMajestic Horse Names for Mares

50 Majestic Horse Names for Stallions

These names are perfect majestic names for the male horses [1] since they are awe-inspiring, impressive, and monumental.

Majestic white horse fit for a king
  1. Adolph
  2. Adom- Hebrew origin meaning “earth.”
  3. Aenescumb- English origin that means “lives in the valley of the majestic one.”
  4. Agustine
  5. Amir- Arabic origin that means “prince.”
  6. Arion- Hebrew origin meaning “melodious.” In Greek mythology, Arion was an immortal, lightning-fast, talking horse.
  7. Asher
  8. Austen- Latin origin meaning “great, magnificent.”
  9. Baldr- Old Norse origin that means “prince.” In Norse mythology, he was the god of beauty, happiness, light, and love.
  10. Balmoral- Scottish origin meaning “from the majestic village.”
  11. Barack- African origin meaning “lightning, blessing.” Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States.
  12. Basil- Greek origin that means “royal, kingly.”
  13. Blayton- Irish origin meaning “deep thinker.”
  14. Brantley
  15. Calup- American origin meaning “legendary.”
  16. Caratacus- Latin origin means “loving, beloved, dear friend.”
  17. Cullen
  18. Cyfrin- Welsh origin meaning “sorcerer.”
  19. Daliso- Chewa Tribe origin meaning “heavenly blessings.”
  20. Daran- Gaelic origin that means “great.”
  21. Doron- Hebrew origin meaning “gift.”
  22. Ehren- German origin that means “honorable.”
  23. Eijaz- Arabic origin meaning “blessings, miracle.”
  24. Elby- African origin that means “new dimensions of glory.”
  25. Ender- Turkish origin meaning “extremely rare.” Ender is a fictional character from “Ender’s Game,” a 1985 military sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card, and the 2013 action military sci-fi movie.
  26. Galdur- Old Norse origin that means “magic, sorcery.”
  27. Gisbert- German origin meaning “bright promise.”
  28. Hamood- Arabic origin that means “praiseworthy.”
  29. Idris
  30. Jovan- Slavic origin that means “God is gracious.”
  31. Jovon- Latin origin meaning “father of the sky.”
  32. Jude- Hebrew origin that means “praised.” This name makes me think of one of my favorite actors- Jude Law.
  33. Kenzo- Japanese origin meaning “wise one.”
  34. Koa- Hawaiian origin that means “warrior, brave one.”
  35. Lucious- Latin origin meaning “light.”
  36. Magus
  37. Mapalo- Bemba Tribe origin meaning “heavenly blessings.”
  38. Miracolo- Italian origin meaning “a miracle.”
  39. Monarch
  40. Oberon- Old German origin that means “royal bear.” Oberon is a character from William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and is the King of the Fairies.
  41. Orji- Nigerian origin meaning “majestic trunk.”
  42. Otieno- African origin that means “born at night.”
  43. Pratap- Indian origin meaning “a majestic man.”
  44. Rajnish- Indian origin meaning “lord of the night.”
  45. Seaghda- Irish origin that means “majestic.”
  46. Sterling
  47. Tanttu- Finnish origin meaning “steadfast, constant.”
  48. Tauno- Finnish origin that means “peaceful, modest.”
  49. Virat- Sanskrit origin meaning “majestic, brilliant.”
  50. Zoeb- Hebrew origin that means “king, the blessed one.”

50 Majestic Horse Names for Mares

These are perfect majestic names for the female horse because they are classy, graceful, and striking.

brown and white horse in an open field under title majestic horse names
  1. Aerwyna– English origin meaning “friend of the sea.”
  2. Afsoun– Persian origin that means “charm spell.”
  3. Aksha- Hindi origin meaning “blessing of God.”
  4. Alazne- Spanish origin that means “miracle.”
  5. Althea
  6. Amari- Greek origin that means “eternal beauty.”
  7. Ariela- Hebrew origin meaning “lion of God.”
  8. Astrid
  9. Austina- Latin origin that means “great, magnificent.”
  10. Awsta- Irish origin meaning “majestic.”
  11. Behati- African origin means “blessed, she who brings happiness.”
  12. Beyonce- English origin meaning “beyond others.” Beyonce Knowles is a singer, songwriter, actress, and former lead singer of the girl group Destiny’s Child.
  13. Candiace
  14. Ceanna- English origin meaning “favor, grace.”
  15. Celia
  16. Charisma- Greek origin meaning “blessing.”
  17. Charity
  18. Custelle- Latin origin meaning “majestic.”
  19. Elvina- Old English origin that means “elf, magical being.”
  20. Elysia- Latin origin meaning “from the blessed isles.”
  21. Enora- French origin that means “honor.”
  22. Grace
  23. Gustel- German origin that means “majestic.”
  24. Hanita- Indian origin meaning “divine grace.”
  25. Harika- Arabic origin that means “beautiful.”
  26. Hope
  27. Ingrid- Scandinavian origin that means “beautiful loved.”
  28. Jovanna– Slavic origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  29. Jovianne– French origin that means “happy.”
  30. Karishma– Indian origin meaning “miracle.”
  31. Keilani– Hawaiian origin that means “blessing of nature.”
  32. Lorelei– German origin meaning “alluring enchantress.”
  33. Majesta– Latin origin that means “royal bearing, dignity.”
  34. Marvella– Latin origin meaning “miracle to marvel at.”
  35. Milagros
  36. Miranda
  37. Mireya– Latin origin meaning “admired.”
  38. Mystique– English origin that means “a fascinating aura of mystery.” Mystique is a fictional character from the X-Men comic book series and the film franchise.
  39. Nasya– Hebrew origin meaning “miracle of God.”
  40. Pacifica– Latin origin that means “peacemaker.”
  41. Phillipa– Greek origin meaning “lover of horses.”
  42. Purity
  43. Radella– English origin meaning “elfin advisor.”
  44. Rosamund
  45. Sanela– Croatian origin meaning “healthy.”
  46. Shea– Irish origin meaning “the stately, dauntless one.”
  47. Teena
  48. Thalia– Greek origin meaning “to flourish.”
  49. Theodora– Greek origin that means “God’s gift.”
  50. Zoraida– Arabic origin meaning “captivating woman.”

Here’s a cool video of majestic horse names.

26 Elegant Horse Names for Stallions

Finding the perfect name for your majestic steed [2] can be tricky. Dare I say; that many people settle for names that don’t match their majestic status?

beautiful paint horse under title majestic horse names

If you are looking for elegant horse names, this is the list for you.

  1. Aldrich– Old English meaning “old, wise ruler.”
  2. Archibald
  3. Bartram– Scandinavian origin meaning “bright raven.”
  4. Cielo
  5. Edwin
  6. Egbert
  7. Ezra– Hebrew origin that means “help, aid, protect.”
  8. Fabian
  9. Forrester
  10. Horace
  11. Ignatius– Greek origin that means “fiery.”
  12. Kingsley
  13. Malachi– Biblical origin meaning “my messenger.”
  14. Matteo
  15. Maximilian
  16. Montague– French origin meaning “pointed hill.”
  17. Montgomery
  18. Mungo– Gaelic origin that means “amiable, beloved.”
  19. Nikolai
  20. Octavius
  21. Orlando
  22. Orson
  23. Roderick– German origin that means “glory, ruler.”
  24. Rupert
  25. Tancred– German origin that means “well-thought advice.”
  26. Xavier– Arabic origin meaning “new house, bright.”

26 Elegant Horse Names for Mares

elegant bay mare and her colt under title majestic horse names

There’s nothing wrong with naming your horse something like Bob or Steve, but why not try for a more elegant name for your beloved equine?

  1. Adele
  2. Adira– Hebrew origin that means “strong, noble, powerful.”
  3. Amalia
  4. Anastasia
  5. Blythe– English origin meaning “happy, carefree.”
  6. Christabel
  7. Eleanor
  8. Eliana– Greek origin that means “daughter of the sun.”
  9. Eudora
  10. Evangeline
  11. Francesca
  12. Giselle
  13. Helena
  14. Honora– Latin origin that means “woman of honor.”
  15. Isla
  16. Juliana
  17. Melisande– Old German origin meaning “animal strength.”
  18. Naomi
  19. Nicolette
  20. Ophelia– Greek origin meaning “helper.” Ophelia is the tragic heroine in “Hamlet,” William Shakespeare’s tragedy play.
  21. Portia– Latin origin meaning “an offering.” In “The Merchant of Venice,” Portia is the heroine in William Shakespeare’s 16th-century play.
  22. Rosalind
  23. Valentina
  24. Viviana
  25. Willa
  26. Zara– Arabic origin that means “star, flower.”

27 White Horse Names for Stallions

Gorgeous white stallion running in the fields

These names are ideal for majestic white horse breeds such as American Cream Draft, Boulonnais, Camargue, Camarillo White, Lipizzan, Orlov Trotter, Percheron, and Shagya Arabian.

  1. Albus– Latin origin meaning “white.” Albus Dumbledore is a character in the Harry Potter film series.
  2. Avalanche
  3. Beluga– According to Britannica, a beluga whale is “a small, toothed whale found mainly in the coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean.”
  4. Blanc- the French word for “white.”
  5. Blanco- the Spanish word for “white.”
  6. Blizzard
  7. Bolt- Bolt is the main character in the 2008 computer-animated adventure comedy movie “Bolt.”
  8. Bones
  9. Casper- Named after Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  10. Cloud
  11. Coconut
  12. Cream
  13. Everest
  14. Flake
  15. Ghost
  16. Glacier
  17. Ice
  18. Milky
  19. Moon
  20. Olaf- Olaf is a character from Disney’s “Frozen” media franchise.
  21. Pegasus- In Greek mythology, Pegasus was a pure white winged horse.
  22. Polar
  23. Shadowfax- Shadowfax is the stallion ridden by Gandalf from the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy.
  24. Snow
  25. Socks
  26. Whitewater
  27. Yeti

Check out this cool video of white horse names.

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27 White Horse Names for Mares

majestic white horse

One of the best ways to name a horse is based on its coat color. Check out these cool horse names.

  1. Alaska
  2. Angel
  3. Arctic
  4. Blanca– a Spanish word for “white.”
  5. Blanche– the French word for “white.”
  6. Buttermilk
  7. Chantilly
  8. Cotton
  9. Crystal
  10. Fleur de Sel– Fleur de Sel is white, pyramid-shaped crystals that form when seawater evaporates.
  11. Fluffy
  12. Guinevere– Welsh origin that means “white shadow, white wave.”
  13. Heaven
  14. Ivory
  15. Luna– Luna means “moon” in Italian, Latin, and Spanish.
  16. Marshmallow
  17. Opal– An opal is a white-colored gemstone.
  18. Pearl
  19. Powder
  20. Pure
  21. Siberia– Siberia is a vast (about 5.1 million square miles) geographical region in the northernmost area of Asia.
  22. Snowball
  23. Snowdrop
  24. Snowy
  25. Stormy
  26. Sugar
  27. Swan


What are some unique majestic names for horses?

For male horses, Adom, Caratacus, and Koa are ideal, and Alazne, Gustel, and Nasya are great for female horses.

What are some majestic names for white horses?

Avalanche, Casper, and Pegasus are ideal for stallions, and for mares, Alaska, Luna, and Swan are great.


Hopefully, the above majestic horse names have given you some inspiration for naming your horse. Horses are magnificent, elegant, and beautiful animals, so choosing a fitting name is essential.

majestic white Pantaneiro horse running under title majestic horse names


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