Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Horse Riding Helmets

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Curious about the differences between men’s vs women’s horse riding helmets?

Wondering if a guy can wear a “girl’s helmet” and vice-versa?

Either way, I’ve got you covered below!

Just keep reading for all of the answers to your questions about helmets.

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What Are the Differences Between Men & Women’s Horse Riding Helmets?

man wearing a horse helmet while riding his stallion

Technically, riding helmets are not specifically designed for a certain gender.

However, there are some subtle differences in those that are generally accepted as men’s vs women’s helmets.

Let’s go over them, then we’ll talk about whether you HAVE to stick to a helmet that’s advertised more towards your gender.

Helmet Size 

Horse riding helmets do not have standardized sizing, so the size that fits you right, regardless of gender, may vary from brand to brand.

Riding helmets are sized according to head circumference, so there is not really a difference in size based on gender.

However, it is common knowledge that men have larger heads than women, so it makes sense that a man will need a larger helmet than a woman.

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Helmet Color Choices 

Usually, women’s horse riding helmets feature bright colors such as pink, purple, and turquoise, but there are also simple black options to match with any aesthetic and outfit choice.

On the other hand, men’s horse riding helmets come in plain or matte black, blue, or other solid colors and seldom feature ornamentation.

Helmet Design Options 

Women’s horse riding helmets feature fun, eyecatching designs such as flowers, horseshoes, and other graphics, and may also be decorated with rhinestones for that extra sparkle for show season.

Men’s horse riding helmets do not have designs and are altogether more understated than those marketed to women.

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Helmet Features

Women’s horse riding helmets and men’s horse riding helmets may be designed with slight differences.

Since women and men have differently shaped heads, the overall shape will differ between helmets for women and those for men. 

Now that you know some of the differences that exist in men’s vs women’s riding helmets, let’s explore if sharing helmets is a possibility.

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Can Women Use a Men’s Horse Riding Helmet? (and Vice Versa)

equestrian wearing a horse riding helmet

As stated earlier, helmet sizes are selected based on head circumference, so there are no specific sizes for each of the genders and they are not marketed this way.

So yes, if you’re a man who loves eye-catching colors and you find a “women’s” helmet that comes in your size, go for it. Of course, the opposite is true as well.

However, that only applies to buying a new helmet. It is not recommended that riding helmets be shared for sanitary reasons.

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Are riding helmets unisex?

kids horse riding with their mothers

Yes, equestrian helmets are unisex. The differences in women’s vs men’s horse riding helmets are the way they are marketed towards either gender based on things like color and design choice.

Can you use other helmets for horse riding?

a men on a horse with one fo the best horse riding helmet

No, other types of helmets, such as biking helmets, cannot be used for horse riding. This is because a bicycle helmet is not designed to protect you from the inherent risks associated with equestrian sport such as head injuries They cannot withstand the impact of falling from a horse, and neither can a skateboarding helmet.

Which horse riding helmet is safest?

The safest helmet for horseback riding is the KASK Dogma Hunter Helmet. It features a polycarbonate ABS outer shell and an inner shell made of polystyrene in three levels of density to prevent shock upon impact, provide extra protection,  and allow for greater absorption of force. The helmet also has discreet ventilation holes for a cool head, comfort, and breathability. 


Although horseback riding helmets are not specifically designed with one gender in mind and can be considered unisex, there are some differences in marketing and design choice when it comes to men’s vs women’s horse riding helmets. For example, women prefer an elegant helmet while men are more inclined to choose a basic riding helmet.


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