How Much Does a Mini Horse Cost? (Equine Pricing Guide) 

How much does a mini horse cost? How much are miniature horses?

These pint-sized horses are a great alternative for those who have less space or feel more confident with a smaller equine.

However, even though they are much smaller than full-sized horses, are they really cheaper to look after?

Just like with any pet there are hidden costs you need to consider in addition to the purchase price.

How Much Does a Miniature Horse Cost To Buy/Purchase?

Although miniature horses are smaller in size than regular horses, they are still a type of horse and not a pony.

Take a look at this video.

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These two mini equines are quite different from each other. The cost of small pony breeds is a bit different compared to a miniature horse.

So how much does a mini horse cost? The miniature horse’s price can differ greatly depending on the qualities that they have.

Miniature horse prices can start at around $2000 and go as high as $50000 for prize horses.

Besides the initial purchase price though, the cost for a miniature horse isn’t much different from a standard-sized horse. Annual expenses for its care can reach up to around $4000.

As many wise horsemen and women say, the purchase price is the cheapest part of owning a horse.

Here’s a video that tackles this in more depth

What To Look At When Buying/Pricing A Miniature Horse?

There are many things to consider when looking into buying or pricing a miniature horse.

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1. Health Issues

The first thing to consider is the health of the horse you are planning to buy. Check for the horse’s coat and make sure it has a certain sheen.

Look for confirmation issues that could affect the health of the horse. It is common for mini foal leg crookedness to be neglected by inexperienced owners leading to much more serious soundness issues.

Ask the seller if the horse has any health problems. Some are fine and manageable, while others are significant. A reputable seller will be honest, however before there are many sellers that take advantage of inexperienced buyers.

a mini horse eating grass

That is why is recommended that you always bring a very experienced person with you to evaluate your potential horse when you go to view it.

Before handing over any money, request a vetting by a vet of your choice, not the sellers. The vet will give the horse a thorough health exam and declare if they are fit for purpose.

One small thing you can also check its gums. The gums of horses are generally pink. Healthy gums show that they have good blood circulation, which is important in a horse.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to get a weight tape to check your horse’s BMI which will show that he is within an ideal weight. (1)

You can check out this video to see how this is done.

2. Compare To Other Horses

Don’t just buy horses on a whim. Take time to compare horses by watching horse shows or by visiting other breeders to compare their physical characteristics.

This is especially important if you are a first-time buyer who may not have any idea of what to look for in a miniature horse.

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3. Always Look For Records and Documentation

Horse ownership always comes with records and documents since these are required per law. Always ask for these pieces of documentation prior to any purchase in order to make sure about the breed and lineage of the horse you plan to buy. 

a piece of paper being handed to another

As expected, the breeding of a horse plays a role in dictating how much your horse will cost.

4. Pedigree and Show Record

The horse’s breed and pedigree will play a huge role in how much a horse is priced.

Show horses usually cost much more, so if you are looking into getting a miniature horse to keep as a pet, you may want to consider one that is not a show horse to start.

Registered horses that have show training usually start at $4000. Unregistered horses turn out much cheaper starting at $2000.

Where Can I Buy a Miniature Horse?

You can buy miniature horses from miniature horse breeders. There are many who do advertise online.

a cowboy thinking

There are listings found on reputable sites, such as The American Miniature Horse Association, which show pictures of the horse being sold as well as the dealer and all other pertinent info regarding the horse. (2)

Other pages to look into are e-magazines for horse lovers like EquineNow, which also has listings for miniature horses for sale. (3)

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How Much Does It Cost to Own/Maintain a Mini Horse?

How much is a mini horse to maintain will have several factors. The average cost of maintaining a mini horse is quite the same as any normal horse.

Horses require special care that requires quite a number of vet expenses too.  

Here’s a quick summary table of the estimated cost.

Estimated Cost
FeedBale of hay – $4 – $15
Bag of grains – $6 – $30
Vitamins – $40
Living QuartersWith horse training – $500 – $1000
Without horse training options – $400 – $700
Vet VisitDeworming services – $50 per visit
Annual vaccines – $300
Health certificates – $100 valid up to 3 months
Emergency – $300/month
Shoe$150 – $300
Farrier Care$30 – $400

1. Feed

To keep a miniature horse within a healthy weight means that you should be feeding it roughage in the form of hay that is around 1.5% of its body weight per day. (4)

a mini horse being given food

As they are smaller, mini horses will not cost as much to feed hay as a larger horse. A bale of hay costs anywhere from $4 – $15. 

Grains are also a part of a horse’s diet. (5) A bag costs around $6 – $30. However mini horses need very little to no grain. A bag of feed will last you a while, so long as you keep it fresh and it doesn’t go out of date.

As mini horses require little grain, it is sometimes necessary to give them a vitamin supplement to ensure they have a balanced diet. 

You can get a basic vitamin supplement for around $40. These usually come in a 1 monthly supply. However, that is for a larger horse. A mini will need less, so you will get 2 to 3 months out of each pack.

2. Living Quarters

Horses need to live in a suitable environment that includes shelter, like a stable, and safe outdoor spaces. You will need to board your horse at a boarding barn if you don’t have your own private stable.

a really decent horse stable

If you have suitable land, you will need to compute the costs of maintaining your fencing, land, stable, and the initial construction.

A boarding stable is a good option for many people, as you will pay a set monthly fee that includes feed, bedding, and a stall. It will often also include chores such as feeding, mucking out, and turnout.

If you want the stable to include horse training, monthly costs reach anywhere between $500 – $1000. Without training options, expenses are anywhere between $400 -$700.

There are also pastures that you can consider if you want to place your horse in more affordable living quarters.

Pastures need a lot of space and rented ones mean that your horse will be sharing that space with other horses. Monthly rent for these goes at an average of $100-400.

However, keep in mind, that mini horses need suitable fencing so that they can’t escape or get hurt. Often normal fencing for full-sized horses is not suitable.

And another thing to consider about pure pasture board is your mini getting access to too much grass, which can be detrimental to their health.

Learn some very important do’s and don’ts of miniature horse care.

3. Vet Visits

Horses need veterinary care on a regular basis. Just like any other animals, they require vaccination and other health services like deworming and regular checkups.

Deworming services cost around $50 per visit and these should be done multiple times per year, according to your vet. 

Annual vaccines are part of health costs. Vaccines administered by the vet will cost up to around $300. 

There also is the issuance of health certs from the vet that need to be factored in.

A Coggins along with other health certificates are part of travel expenses that are required should you plan to travel around with your horse. These can cost around $100 and are valid up to three months.

Veterinary calls really depend on how healthy your horse is. For any emergency vet visit, it would be wise to put away $300 a month for any immediate medical expense that may arise.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Shoe a Horse?

You need an average of $150 to shoe a horse, though many cost closer to $300. This needs to be done every 4 to 6 weeks. Fortunately, mini horses rarely wear shoes and only need regular trimming, which is more like $50 per visit.

shoeing a horse

5. Farrier Care

Farriers are individuals who are trained to trim horses’ hooves. Horse hooves need to be maintained on a monthly basis so farrier costs have to be considered as part of your budget.

Farrier services range anywhere from $30 – $400, depending on whether or not your horse has shoes. Some mini horses need specialist farrier care.

So when purchasing a mini make sure to look for one with healthy leg conformation and hooves.

Check this super cute Shetland Pony video!


How long does a mini horse live?

The life span of a mini horse is anywhere between 25 to 35 years.

How much does a mini horse weigh?

mini horse eating

The average weight of a miniature horse is around 200 pounds.

How big do mini horses get?

A miniature horse should not grow beyond 38 inches tall.

How much space does a miniature horse need?

A miniature horse needs at least 1/4 of an acre of land as an ideal living space.

Can you keep a mini horse in your backyard?

This depends on your state’s regulations and requirements. That said, you should remember that a miniature needs ample space to move and play. So do consider this when thinking about keeping a miniature horse as a pet.

How much does a mini horse cost per month?

A mini horse costs anywhere from $200 to over $1,000 per month depending on your facilities, training, and other necessary care.


A horse can be a loyal friend and this is why many think horses can be an ideal pet to have in a family.

Miniature horses cost has to be considered though if you do plan to own one of these beautiful creatures. Many of these maintenance costs are no different than a full-size horse.

Being a responsible miniature horse owner means that you will have to consider not only how much does a mini horse cost, but you will also have to really think about how much it costs to keep one.

Being fully aware of all of these will help in making your horse-owning experience a memorable and happy one.

Miniature Horse Cost and Price Guide

Let us know your thoughts down below now that you know how much a mini horse cost!


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