12 Horse Gear Products You Can’t Live Without [Must-Have List]

Whether you are just starting out with riding lessons or you own your own horse, there are horse gear products that you just can’t live without!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new stuff for yourself and your horse. Who doesn’t love a sparkling clean new blanket or the latest tendon boots?

I’ve compiled this guide of must-haves, so let’s take a look!

1. Horse Riding Boots

Every equestrian needs a pair of riding boots. It is one of the most necessary pieces of horse gear you can own.

a shiny and polished black leather riding boot

Riding boots are designed specifically for the comfort and safety of the rider while mounted on a horse. 

I created several guides to the different types of horse riding boots available.

Here is my guide to the best riding boots around. It includes something for everyone whether you want cheap and cheerful or something fancier to wear with your half chaps at a show.

Check them out: Best horse riding shoes

Winter Horse Riding Boots

If you’re like me, you really feel the cold. There’s nothing worse than cold feet in the winter. You’ll want boots that keep your feet toasty warm. 

Check out some of my favorites: Best winter riding boots

Custom Boots

Sometimes off the shelf boots just don’t fit right, especially when it comes to long riding boots. Or, you compete a lot and want to look your best. 

Take a look at the Best custom boot brands.

Boots For Riders With Wide Feet

I’m lucky that I don’t have the challenge of trying to find comfortable riding boots for wide feet. But I have a few friends that do. 

Check out the best Wide foot riding boots.

Laced Riding Boots & Paddock Boots

Paddock boots come with zippers, laces, or both. I prefer laced riding boots as I feel they give my ankles more support. Check out my guide to my favorites: Top riding boots with laces.

My guide to the best paddock boots includes both lace and zip-up styles.

For Kids

Kids need boots that a comfortable and not overly expensive when you know they’ll outgrow them quickly. You also want boots that are easy for them to put on and take off.

kid riding a horse with a trainer

Here are my favorite Horse riding boots for kids.


Western riders are lucky because they have so many fun riding boot choices.

Take a look at these amazing boots for western riding.

Barn Boots

Every equestrian needs a good pair of boots to wear around the barn. Paddock boots aren’t the best choice here. You need boots that can hold up to mud, water and dirt.

Take a minute to check out my guide to the best barn boots.


When you’re just starting out, you don’t need to spend a fortune on riding boots. So long as you have boots specifically designed for horse riding, you are good to go.

That’s why I created a guide specifically for beginners.

Check out Riding boots for beginners.

Long Riding Boots

Many English riders wear tall riding boots, especially when competing as they are part of the expected attire.

There are many options available, so you can find a pair that fits you well.

Take a look at my guide to the best long riding boots.

2. Boots for Horses

Boots protect your horse’s legs during exercise. While some people don’t use them, I don’t take my horse out to ride without them. I’d rather have a damaged boot than an injured tendon or heel grab, both of which can be very serious.

There are a number of different types of boots from bell boots, to fetlock boots, to tendon boots.

Check out my guides to every type:

Bell Boots

Bells boots, also called overreach boots, protect the bulbs and coronet band of your horse from getting injured when another foot strikes.

They also help keeps shoes on when your horse is out in the paddock.

Check out Best bell boots for turnout and riding to find the perfect pair.

Best Horse Boots of All Types

For my top picks for all types of horse boots, I put together this review guide. It has a little bit of everything and is perfect if you are looking for more than one type.

Check out Best splint boots for horses plus my favorite jumping boots and more.

Tendon Boots

Tendon boots protect the vulnerable tendons on the front legs, plus the top of the fetlock. These are the most commonly used boots for horses and what I used every day at home and at horse shows.

close-up shot of tendon boots

Check out Professional choice splint boots and my top pick tendon boots.

Hoof Boots

Hoof boots are perfect for horses that don’t wear shoes but need the occasional protection when you’re riding on rough ground, such as out on the trails.

Take a look at my favorite Horse barefoot boots.

Soaking Boots

If you’ve ever had to treat a hoof injury, you know what a disaster it can be when you try to ask a horse to keep its foot in a bucket.

Soaking boots make this so much easier! 

Take a look at my guide to Soaking boots for horses.

Ice Boots

Cold therapy is something every horse owner should know how to do. Luckily, today there are boots that save you the frustration of wrapping or holding ice packs on your horse.

Check out my review guide to Ice wraps for horses.

Shipping Boots

Shipping boots protect your horse when traveling. While some people, still use pillow wraps and bandages, many have switched to shipping boots are they are easy to use.

If you’re looking for something to protect your horse’s legs in the horse trailer check out my review guide to Professional choice shipping boots and my top picks for travel boots.

Fly Boots

Fly boots are lightweight mesh boots that cover the lower leg. Most people use them on their horses when they are out in the paddock during the summer.

To prevent those irritating little flies from biting and annoying your horse.

Take a peak at my fly boots for horses guide.

3. Horse Blanket

Every horse owner needs blankets. What ones will depend on the climate where you live and how much your horse spends outside.

a horse with one of the best blankets on it

I created several guides to my favorite blankets, take a look. I’ve covered everything!

4. Horse Stable Sheet

Sometimes you don’t need to put a warm blanket on your horse. A stable sheet for horses is great for slight chilly nights and helps keep your horse clean.

horse wearing a stable blanket

5. Horse Show Sheet

A show sheet for horses is pretty much a fancier stable sheet. For shows, you want your horse to look its best.

If you compete regularly, it is a good idea to have a show sheet, especially if you stay overnight. They look smart and you can keep them for these occasions only so it doesn’t look dirty or worn out.

6. Saddle Pad

As a horse owner, you will need multiple saddle pads. It is good to always use clean saddle pads, so you’ll need spares for when you are washing your favorite.

equestrian showing the right Saddle Pad Fitting for Older Horses

I wrote several saddle pad guides for western riders, English riders, gaited horses, sore horses, and more. Check them out!

7. Half Pad

With a properly fitted saddle, half pads are a great addition to your horse gear. They can help absorb shock and help adjust saddle fit if done correctly

They come in different types, which I’ve included in my review guide. Check it out:

Best gel pad for horses plus my top picks for fleece, wool, and memory foam.

8. Horse Girth

If you’re a horse owner, it is likely that you’ll need a girth. Western, dressage, and jumping girths are all slightly different.

lady putting a dressage girth to the horse

Regardless of what style of riding you do, my review guide to the top girths has something for you. Check it out:

Best western girth for horse comfort plus some of my favorites for English riding.

9. Riding Breeches

Riding breeches are designed so that horseback riders and ride without the risk of getting saddle sores.

white breeches and tall boots

There are so many styles available, so regardless of your shape or how often you ride, I’ve got a pair for you. Take a look at my riding breeches guides:

Summer Riding Breeches

Riding breeches aren’t always ideal for hot weather. However, there are styles that are lighter weight that work well. Take a peak to find your pair:

Winter Riding Breeches

Of course, during the winter, you will need a pair of breeches that are thicker or lined to keep you warm. Here are my favorites:

10. Western Riding Chaps

Western riding chaps differ from English chaps. Most English riders now wear half-chaps, though it was popular in the past to wear full chaps.

measuring half chaps

Western chaps tend to have a looser fit and more fun options check out my review guide today:

Chaps for western riders.

11. Horse Bridle

In addition to your saddle and girth, you will need a bridle if you own your horse. There are many styles with modern ones much more in tune with the anatomy of the horse’s head.

a lady fitting mechanical hackamore, one type of horse bridles, to a brown horse

Western and English bridles are quite different, though they serve the same purpose.

I created some guides to help you pick the perfect bridle for you and your horse. Let’s take a look:

Best anatomical bridle other fantastic bridles.

Western Horse Bridle

Looking specifically for a western horse bridle? I’ve got the ultimate guide to some of the best you’ll find. Have a look: Western bridles.

Bitless Bridle

Some riders prefer to use a bitless bridle. You might also need to go bitless temporarily if your horse has a problem in its mouth and some horses are just happier with this type of bridle.

dappled horse with bitless bridle

Take a look at this guide to the best bitless bridle options: Bitless bridle English.

12. Riding Helmets

While if you’re an adult, you are free to choose, I always recommend all riders wear a riding helmet when on a horse. They help reduce the risk of head injury if you fall off and can even save your life.

The main thing to look out for is that the riding hat has the right safety certification. Every helmet in these review guides meets current safety standards.

The guides include the best riding helmets for airflow, price, showing, and fun. Find yours today.

Summer Horse Riding

When it comes to horseback riding in the summer comfort is key. Riders need clothes that help keep them cool and dry while remaining flexible and lightweight.

couple riding horses on the beach

Take a look at these review guides for my favorite riding clothes for summer.

Buying Horse Gear Products Tips

There is so much gear out there for horse owners it is easy to get overwhelmed. While you need many items, you don’t have to get everything! Despite how tempting that beautiful new pair of boots are!

Here are some tips that will help you choose the horse gear you buy

  • Buy the best quality you can afford
  • Look for riding boots that can resist water
  • Anatomical bridles are much more comfortable for your horse if you can stretch your budget to one
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on everyday saddle pads, but it is best to have more than one
  • If you’re showing, get some gear such as tendon boots, stable sheets, riding boots, and a helmet just for shows
  • Look for breeches and riding shirts made from technical fabric. It is more comfortable, cooler, and stays drier when you sweat.
equestrian wearing full-gear while riding the horse

What’s your favorite horse gear? Let us know below!


 Phew! That’s all for now to all the horse gear guides for horse owners that you can’t live without.

Have I missed something essential? Do you have a favorite piece of riding equipment? Let me know in the comments.

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