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Get ready to gallop down under with our top picks for New Zealand-inspired Māori name for horse!

From Māori legends to famous landscapes, these names will have your equine friend standing out in the paddock.

So, put on your jandals, grab a flat white, and let’s get naming.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Zealand-inspired horse names often draw from Maori legends and culture, as well as famous landscapes and places in the country.
  • Researching Maori culture, language, and legends is a great way to find inspiration for a New Zealand-inspired horse name.
  • It is important to be respectful of Maori culture and language when choosing a New Zealand-inspired horse name by researching the meanings of the name you are considering to ensure that it aligns with your values and beliefs.

Our Favorite New Zealand Horse Names

New Zealand Horse Names for StallionsNew Zealand Horse Names for Mares
Aoraki (“Cloud Piercer”) Aroha (“Love”)
Kahu (“Hawk”)Kura (“Red”)
Manu (“Bird”)Moe (“Deep Sleep”)
Pounamu (“Greenstone”)Piki (“To Climb”)
Tama (“Son”)Tui (“Parson bird”)
Whakapapa (“Ancestry”)Whakapau (“To tire out”)
Kaitiaki (“Guardian”)Kaitiakitanga (“Guardianship”)
Manuka (“Tea Tree”)Moehau (“Deep sleep of the mist”)
Pou (“Post”)Poutini (“West coast”)
Tamatea (“Warrior”)Tawhiti (“Distant”)

100 More New Zealand Horse Names With Meanings

dales ponies eating grasses
  1. Wellington (Capital city in New Zealand)
  2. Moeraki (Iconic, spherical boulders in New Zealand)
  3. Beehive (Nickname for a parliament building in New Zealand)
  4. Lady Bowen (a frequently visited waterfall in New Zealand)
  5. Maungakiekie (“One Tree Hill;” a volcanic peak in New Zealand)
  6. Mount Cook (Name of the tallest mountain in New Zealand)
  7. Tongariro (“Carried away by the south wind;” a national park in New Zealand)
  8. Rotorua (“Second Lake;” an area in New Zealand known for hot springs)
  9. Wanaka (“Sacred knowledge;” a lake in New Zealand)
  10. Rangitoto (“Sky blood;” a volcano in New Zealand)
  11. Waitakere (“Wave swept rock;” a mountain range in New Zealand)
  12. Hunua (“Mountainous land;” a mountain range in New Zealand)
  13. Great Mercury (an island in New Zealand)
  14. Macauley (an island in New Zealand)
  15. Motutapu (“Sacred;” an island in New Zealand)
  16. Aotearoa (“The Land of the Long White Cloud”)
  17. Kia Kaha (“Be Strong”)
  18. Tane Mahuta (“Lord of the Forest”)
  19. Waiho (“Let it flow”)
  20. Kowhai (“Yellow flower”)
  21. Moana (“Ocean”)
  22. Pukeko (“Swamp hen”)
  23. Raukawa (“Fragrant leaf”)
  24. Kahikatea (“White pine tree”)
  25. Waitangi (“Tears of sorrow”)
  26. Whakairo (“Carving”)
  27. Koru (“Unfolding fern frond”)
  28. Ponga (“Silver fern”)
  29. Tamaiti (“Child”)
  30. Kowhaiwhai (“Decorated with yellow flower patterns”)
  31. Rangatira (“Chief”)
  32. Whakapiki (“To improve”)
  33. Kaimahi (“Worker”)
  34. Manawa (“Heart”)
  35. Tane (“Man”)
  36. Whakapaukaraha (“To tire out completely”)
  37. Aroha mai (“Show love”)
  38. Moemoea (“Dream”)
  39. Rangi (“Sky”)
  40. Tamaki (“Thief”)
  41. Whakapaukaha (“To tire out greatly”)
  42. Manawanui (“Perseverance”)
  43. Pourewa (“Post of Gold”)
  44. Whakapaukotahi (“To tire out completely”)
  45. Aroha noa (“Unconditional love”)
  46. Kura kaupapa (“Principal”)
  47. Moe mai (“Rest”)
  48. Rangimarie (“Peace”)
  49. Tamariki (“Children”)
  50. Whakapauparaoa (“To tire out completely”)
  51. Kaitiaki tangata (“Human guardian”)
  52. Manawapou (“Heart post”)
  53. Poutama (“Stepping stone”)
  54. Taniwha (“Mythical sea monster”)
  55. Whakapaupoto (“To tire out completely”)
  56. Aroha tangata (“Compassion for people”)
  57. Kura tawhiti (“Distant red”)
  58. Moe moe (“Deep sleep”)
  59. Rangimarie o te tai (“Peace of the sea”)
  60. Taringa (“Ears”)
  61. Whakapaupounamu (“To tire out completely”)
  62. Kaitiakitanga o te whenua (“Guardianship of the land”)
  63. Manawatawhi (“Persevering spirit”)
  64. Poutokomanawa (“Heart post”)
  65. Taurangi (“Sailor”)
  66. Whakapaupouri (“To tire out completely”)
  67. Aroha whakapapa (“Love of genealogy”)
  68. Kura whenua (“Red earth”)
  69. Moe moea (“Deep sleep of dreams”)
  70. Rangimarie o te moana (“Peace of the ocean”
  71. Whakapaupumau (“To tire out completely”)
  72. Kaitiakitanga o te moana (“Guardianship of the ocean”)
  73. Manawaroa (“Brave heart”)
  74. Tawera (“Warm”)
  75. Whakapauwawe (“To tire out gradually”)
  76. Aroha whanau (“Love of family”)
  77. Kura toi (“Red art”)
  78. Moe moea raukura (“Deep sleep of the white plume”)
  79. Rangimarie o te whenua (“Peace of the land”)
  80. Tawhitikura (“Distant red”)
  81. Whakapauwhakamau (“To tire out completely and persistently”)
  82. Kaitiakitanga o te hau (“Guardianship of the wind”)
  83. Manawataki (“Persevering leader”)
  84. Poutokotuku (“Lonely post”)
  85. Tawhititama (“Distant son”)
  86. Whakapauwhakarongo (“To tire out completely and attentively”)
  87. Aroha tino (“True love”)
  88. Kura-kaupapa (“Principal”)
  89. Moe moea whakap
  90. Rangi-manu (“Sky bird”)
  91. Tawhiti-rangi (“Distant sky”)
  92. Whakapau-kaha (“To tire out completely and strongly”)
  93. Kaitiakitanga-whenua (“Guardianship of the land”)
  94. Manawa-pure (“Heart of gold”)
  95. Pou-tangata (“Post of people”)
  96. Whakapau-whakamau (“To tire out completely and persistently”)
  97. Aroha-moemoea (“Love of dreams”)
  98. Kura-kahurangi (“Precious red”)
  99. Moe-moea-hine (“Deep sleep of a girl”)
  100. Rangi-hine (“Sky girl”)

If you’re looking for a meaningful and unique name for your horse, our articles on Japanese horse names can provide you with plenty of inspiration. From names inspired by Japanese culture and mythology to names that reflect your horse’s personality and characteristics, our articles offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I research and choose a New Zealand-inspired horse name?

horse with name Jackie but can you rename a horse

Researching Maori culture, language, legends, and word meanings is a great way to find inspiration for a New Zealand-inspired horse name.
You can also research famous places and landmarks in New Zealand.

2. Are there any specific naming traditions or protocols for New Zealand-inspired horse names?

You don’t need to follow any specific traditions or protocols when naming a horse with a New Zealand-inspired name.
However, it’s essential to be respectful of Maori culture and language when choosing a name.

3. Are there any New Zealand-inspired horse names that are specific to a certain breed of horses?

black Thoroughbred horse

No, there is no specific breed of horse that is associated with New Zealand-inspired horse names. These names can be used for any horse breed.

4. Can I give my horse a Maori name even if it is not of Maori descent?

Yes, you can give your horse a Maori name regardless of its breed or heritage. However, it’s important to be respectful of Maori culture and language when choosing a name.


Naming a horse can be a fun and meaningful process, and New Zealand horse names offer a unique and rich source of inspiration.

From Maori legends to famous landscapes, these names celebrate the culture, history, and natural beauty of New Zealand.

It is important to consider the meaning of the names and be respectful of the Maori culture and language.

Choosing a New Zealand-inspired horse name can be a great way to honor your connection to the country and pay tribute to the rich heritage of the Maori people.

With so many beautiful and unique options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your equine companion.

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