8 Fun Rap Songs About Horses That You Will Surely Enjoy!

Are you looking for some fun rap songs about horses?

Then we’ve got you covered!

We handpicked some of the best horse themed songs for all you hip-hop fans out there.

Just keep reading to check them out!


#1 Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

In this song, the singer explains how much he likes his horse more than modern vehicles now, and he states how he’s going to ride his horse till the day he won’t be able to.

#2 Gazelle Twin: Hobby Horse

This rap song about a wooden horse from the Pastoral song of Gazelle Twin was an accolade in the Top 100 albums in 2018.

Even though it’s a few years old, it’s still loved the same as when folks first heard it.

a lady who loves rap songs about horses is riding a brown horse in their rancho

#3 Katy Perry – Dark Horse

Horses are enthusiastic animals, and they teach us a lesson to be more like them.

Also, if you want to be loved, consider sharing your love with others first because that’s what this rap is all about, which is thrilling and, of course, a manifestation.

It’s a perfect combination, isn’t it?

#4 Vanilla Ice – Ride The Horse


Although the meaning is a bit “risque” for a family-friendly dance party (it’s about a girl), Vanilla Ice’s “Ride the Horse” is a must for all rap-loving horse fans.

#5 Kilo – White horse

It is not quite what you would expect, but it is unique, and it’s because it’s a little rom-com; rather, it refers to how a white horse resembles a dream guy for women.

Just like how a white horse is a shimmering, wonderful, blessed spirit, and that’s why they’re scarce to be found.

This song conveys how we find perfection in other living things because they shine like a star and can’t be left unnoticed.

#6 PSY- Gangnam Style

Do you remember the Korean singer PSY’s song “Gangnam Style”? It seems that everybody does, as it became well-known for its dance version.

You may be wondering why I’m bringing it up, but the dance is known as horse dance.

Don’t worry; we, too, were today years old when we discovered the truth.

Also check 7 Amazing Country Songs About Horses on the video below.

#7 Hip-Hop and Horses

A story plus a rap song together about horses in a video. It depicts how the singer’s life was transformed, and their teeny-weeny world was created with these animals in this song.

This a song that will motivate you to love someone unconditionally, and it will pay you back in some way, but they will.

#8 Shakira – Poem to a Horse

“So what’s the point of wasting all my words? If it’s just the same or even worse than reading poems to a horse.”

It’s just one line, and it is so appealing and comforting. It is written by our eminent singer Shakira.

Do you need more reasons to hop into this thing than this? No, right? 

It is a song where your first thought will be that animals are better than humans. It is a bitter truth type of song, but I can assure you that you will love it.

White horse with text referring to rap songs about horses



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