Looking for red horse names?

Some of my favorites are red and black horses.

Usually, the color may not be purely red but a variation of it like reddish-brown. 

If you’re the new owner of a red horse, below are some interesting ideas that will suit your mount perfectly. 

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65 Thought-Provoking Red Horse Names

As nearly all of these red horse names are unisex, we decided not to break it down into male and female categories.

red horse dancing on the field
  1. Snaps – short form for ”red snapper,”
  1. Cherry Garcia – for ice cream lovers.
  1. Puffy – for “strawberry puff”, a sweet choux pastry with strawberry filling. 
  1. Marinara – based on marinara sauce, which is made with tomatoes. 
  1. Flann – a male name of Irish origin meaning red-colored. 
  1. Sriracha – like the sriracha red hot sauce, a paste made with different varieties of chili peppers.
  1. Honeycrisp – in reference to the medium-sized apple with a red-orange hue. 
  1. Empire – also a type of apple with a bright red color. 
  1. Alev – meaning flame in Turkish. 
  1. Gala – an apple made from a cross between the Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious.
  1. McIntosh – loved for its slightly sweet and tart flavor, this is an apple with bright red color.
  1. Cortland – this is a variety of the McIntosh apple species originating from New York. 
  1. Tini – it’s the short form for “Pomtini”, a cocktail made primarily using pomegranates.
  1. Shirley – from “Shirley Temple”, a type of drink flavored with pomegranate. 
  1. Kool Aid – inspired by Nebraska’s state soft drink.
  1. Belenus – it’s a Celtic name, which means something bright. 
  1. Boysenberry – the dark-reddish black fruit is also a great name for black horse.
  1. Azalea – a flowering shrub that bears pink, red, or reddish-orange flowers. 
  1. Poinsettia – refers to a group of plants which are mostly in red color. 
  1. Celosia – for the plant with differently-colored flowers on reddish leaves. 
  1. Sumac – a group of flowering plants with a bright cardinal red color. 
  1. Red Lobster – refers to the spiny, reddish-brown lobster.
  1. Yosemite Sam – inspired by a character from Loony Tunes.
  1. Calida – Latin translation for “fiery”. 
  1. Verma or Blush – short form for “blushing vermillion.”
  1. Ruby Cerise – Cerise is a reddish-pink color; can shorten it to “Ruby”
  1. Roseate – meaning a pale-pink color.
  1. Titian the Titan – suitable for a horse that is more of brown than red.
  1. Goji – refers to a red or deep-orange berry originating from Asia. 
  1. Electra – a name of Greek origin, which means “fiery sun.” 
  1. Hulthemia – a rose consisting of yellow flowers with a dark red center. 
  1. Aguaje – a palm tree that bears fruits that red on the outside. 
  1. Umlilo – it means fire in Zulu language. 
  1. Montoya Cabernet – it’s a type of wine, loved for its intense flavors of plum and blackberry. 
  1. Missus Hibiscus – Missus is a fancy word for “mistress.”
  1. Brigid – referring to the mythical, red-haired goddess of poetry. 
  1. Red Herring – refers to a strong kipper
  1. Bada Bing Cerise –  derived from bing cherry
  1. Merida – named after the character featured in Disney Pixar movie Brave.
  1. Babylon Red – from the Dahlia plant species, which has fiery-red flowers. 
  1. Pansy – based on the hybrid plant that produces bright red flowers.
  1. Carrot Top – the American stand-up comedian famous for his red hair.
  1.  Pomona – inspired by the mythical Roman goddess. 
  1. Tulip – like the bright red flowers that bloom in spring. 
  1. Mozaic – borrowed from the strategy board game.
  1.  Hulk – as a tribute to the fictional character featured in several comic books. 
  1. Hong – meaning red in Chinese. 
  1. Red Boy – a character from the 16th Century novel: Journey to the West. 
  1. Kalama – a female name of Hawaiian origin, meaning a “flaming torch.” 
  1. Rojo – the Spanish translation for red. 
  1. Mars – also known as the Red Planet. 
  1. Blaze – which means to burn brightly. 
  1. Magenta – a variation of red color. 
  1. Elmo – like the fiery red character from Sesame Street. 
  1. Flynn – Irish name, which means son of the red-haired one. This is one of the cutest Irish horse names.
  1. Weasley – inspired by the fictional character with red hair from the Harry Potter series. 
  1. Fennec – referring to the nocturnal fox, which has a whitish to brown fur. 
  1. Hazel – ideal for a horse with a shade of brown.
  1. Ruby – like the color red.
  1. Peony – named after the herbaceous plant, which produces vibrant red flowers.
  1. Bronze – similar to the bronze metal, which has a red hue.
  1. Hawk – refers to a hawk species, which has a red-to-brown tail.
  1. Brick – based on the building blocks, which have a characteristic red color.
  1. Kiwi – named after the kiwi fruit, which typically has a red ring in the middle.
  1. Rusty – short form for rust, which tends to have an orange-to-brown color. 
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what are your favorite red horse names? share with us below!


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