Top 9 Riding Breeches With Phone Pockets (Equestrian Faves)

Riding breeches with phone pockets are a must-have for today’s equestrian.

Luckily, equestrian brands have answered this call with a great choice of options.

I’ve put together this review guide of my top picks in both regular and full seat styles.

Let’s go find the pair for you!

If you don’t have time to go through the whole list, here’s a quick summary.

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5 Best Riding Breeches With Cell Phone Pockets- Review

If you’re like me, you feel lost without your cell phone close by!  Many horse riders like to listen to music when they are schooling at home.

Plus having a pocket for your phone has practical use as well. If you fall off and need help, you have your phone to call someone.

First, let’s take a look at knee patch breeches, then I’ll talk about full seat options.

#1 Horseware Ladies Riding Tights (WINNER)

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I just love these riding breeches. They are comfortable, a good thickness, and well designed. I really like the placement of the cell phone pocket.

I have these riding pants myself and find the pocket fits my phone well and it stays snug while on my horse.

The location of the pocket for your phone is on the outside of your thigh, so it doesn’t dig into you. The waist is high, which I find much more comfortable than low-rise cuts.

They are made from modern technical fabric, so are quite breathable and very flexible with great freedom of movement. On the inside, there are microfiber patches on the knee and inner thigh to give you a grip.

Features & Attributes

  • Come in black or charcoal
  • Four-way stretch
  • Phone pocket


  • Sizes range from extra small to extra extra large

Benefits & Drawbacks of Horseware Riding Tights

Great cell phone pocket size and locationNot the cheapest
Material is a nice thicknessSome riders find them too hot is summers
Very comfortable
Flattering fit

How it Compares to Others

I choose these equestrian breeches as my winner because the phone pocket is probably the best available. While it is becoming more common, it is still hard to find breeches with a decent cell pocket.

Expert Tips

All riders can use these phone pocket breeches. However, if you do a lot of rugged trail riding, some kind of waist bag that is waterproof and more secure is probably better to hold your phone.

What Other Equestrians Say About Horseware Riding Tights

Take a closure look and learn more about these riding pants from an equestrian gear expert in this video.

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#2 Goode Rider Energy Breech – Best For Shows

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If you need white breeches for shows, these are a great choice. They have a similar design to the Horseware tights above with a large side phone-friendly pocket.

They also come in black and a fun grey print for everyday horse riding.

Features & Attributes

  • Made with compression fabric
  • Pull-on
  • Wide tummy control waistband
  • Silicone grip


  • Sizes range from 28 to 36 inches waist

Benefits & Drawbacks of Goode Rider Energy Breech

Supportive fabricLimited size range
Good size cell phone pocketA little expensive

How it Compares to Others

These have a silicone grip, which I find gives you a more secure feeling than the microfiber or self-fabric patches that you will see in some of the other options.

Expert Tips

If you wear riding breeches or tights, then it is a good idea to use half chaps. Half chaps need to fit properly. Learn how to fit half chaps in this video.

What Other Equestrians Say About Goode Rider Energy Breech

Despite the price, this rider is a big fan – “Love these…pricey but bought both gray and black…LOVE them!!”

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#3 Aubrion Morden Summer Riding Tights – Best For Summer

Aubrion Morden Summer Riding Tights

If you want the best summer riding breeches that you can put your phone in, then take a look at these. They are not only lightweight and comfortable but are also good value.

Supportive, stretchy, and with a high waist, you can’t go wrong with these.

Features & Attributes

  • Cell phone thigh pocket
  • Silicone knee patches
  • Flexible fabric
  • Come in black and navy


  • Sizes small to extra large

Benefits Aubrion Morden Summer Riding Tights

Generous phone pocketNot warm enough for winter
LightweightLimited color options

How it Compares to Others 

If you have a smaller budget these are one of the best value for money options in my guide.

Expert Tips

Even though these are for summer, you can still get some use out of them during the colder months. I like to wear fleece tights or thin thermal leggings under my breeches in the winter.

What Other Equestrians Say About Aubrion Morden Summer Riding Tights

Aubrion offers a wide variety of styles and is a popular brand with equestrians. Equestrian, Suzanne, has this to say about her Aubrion breeches – “Very comfortable and cool.”


Aubrion Morden Summer Riding Tights

  • Generous phone pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

#4 Ariat Women’s EOS Moto Knee Patch Tight – Most Secure Pocket

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While many phone pockets on breeches are a good size they don’t have a secure closure, so there is some risk of your phone slipping out.

These Ariat riding pants solve that problem with a zipper pocket.

Features & Attributes

  • Zip phone pocket
  • AriatTEK® Cold Series technology
  • Moisture Movement Technology™
  • 2 thigh pockets and back waist


  • Sizes from XS to XXL

Benefits Ariat Women’s EOS Moto Knee Patch Tight

Secure pocket for your phoneLeft side pocket is a bit small
SupportiveNot very grippy

How it Compares to Others

These have one of the most secure phone pockets compared to the others, but they are not as grippy as some options.

Expert Tips

If you wear breeches you will also have paddock boots. To keep your paddock boots in good condition it is important to care for them properly. Learn how in this video.

What Other Equestrians Say About Ariat Women’s EOS Moto Knee Patch Tight

Jackie loves her pair – “These are great tights. Lightweight, cool, and fit just right. I really love that they have pockets.”

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#5 OEQ Mia Riding Tight – Best Price

OEQ Mia Riding Tight S Black

For those with a tighter budget, take a look at these grippy horseback riding pants. They have lots of grip with silicone dots on the knees and inner thighs.

The phone pocket is in a great location on the outer thigh and has plenty of room.

Features & Attributes

  • Extended silicone knee patches
  • Wide waistband
  • Stretchy material
  • Handy side pocket


  • Sizes from XS to XXL

Benefits & Drawbacks of OEQ Mia Riding Tight

Large range of sizesLimited color choices
Supportive Fabric
Great Price

How it Compares to Others

These are one of the cheapest pairs of breeches in this guide, perfect for those on a budget.

4 Best Full Seat Riding Breeches with Pockets

Many riders prefer full seat riding breeches as they give you a more secure feeling in the saddle. While a full seat is not always appropriate in the show ring, they are great for schooling rides at home.

Here are my top full seat riding breeches with phone pockets. All these options are comfortable riding breeches in my opinion.

#1 Horze Callie Women’s High Waist Breeches with Piping – Best Grip

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Horze is a familiar name in the equestrian world. They make a wide range of horse gear at pretty good prices.

The Callie model has a secure cell phone pocket and a comfortable high waist fit.

Features & Attributes

  • Button closure
  • High waist
  • Zipper pocket
  • Elastic cuffs


  • Waist sizes from 22 to 32 inch

Benefits & Drawbacks of Horze Callie High Waist Breeches

Zipper pocketSome riders find them too grippy
Silicone full seatSizing can be tricky
Nice color choices

How it Compares to Others

These are more in the style of conventional breeches with a button waist and belt loops, something a lot of phone-friendly riding pants don’t have.

Expert Tips

Look for breeches that are made with modern technical fabric. 

A 2017 study of sportswear that used this type of fabric found that “wearing professional sports clothing can effectively reduce the body’s sweat volume, lower body temperature, prolong the duration of the movement.” [1]

What Other Equestrians Say About Horze Callie High Waist Breeches

Horze makes another model of breeches very similar to the Callie, except without the zip pocket. See what this rider has to say about them.

No products found.

#2 TuffRider Ladies Minerva Equicool FS Tight – Budget Full Seat

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If you’re on a budget but prefer a pair of full seat breeches with a phone pocket take a look at these Tuff Rider breeches

Not only is the price great, but they also come in some fun color options, something that is hard to find.

Features & Attributes

  • Mesh phone pocket
  • Pull on
  • Full silicone seat
  • Contoured lower leg
  • Breathable fabric


  • Sizes XS to XL

Benefits & Drawbacks of TuffRider Minerva Equicool Tight

Budget-friendlyCan run small
Great for summer heatNot great durability
Large mesh deep pocket

How it Compares to Others

These are one of the two budget-friendly options in my guide. While most of the others only come in standard dark colors, these come in a pretty green or wine fabric.

Expert Tips

In addition to wearing summer breeches, there are some other great riding tips for hot weather. Check out this video.

What Other Equestrians Say About TuffRider Minerva Equicool Tight

If you want breeches for schooling rides in the summer, these are perfect according to the rider, Kate – “My go-to breeches for hot summer riding! Very comfortable. And I get lots of compliments. Great breech for the price.”

No products found.

#3 Kerrits Flex 3.0 Full Seat Tight – Most Stylish

No products found.

Kerrits is one of the most popular brands of riding breeches amongst horse riders. So it only seems right to include these.

While they are pull-on, they have a more traditional breeches look. They also have a suede paneled full seat, which is great for those who don’t really like silicone grip.

Features & Attributes

  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Suede seat panels
  • 2.5-inch extra-wide waistband
  • 7 color choices


  • Sizes from XS to 2X

Benefits & Drawbacks of Kerrits Flex 3.0 Full Seat Tight

Great choice of colorsMore expensive option
Wide range of sizesToo lightweight for winter
Belty LoopsPocket seems a little small
Stylish traditional look

How it Compares to Others

These breeches have belt loops, which makes them stand out from other pull-on styles. 

Expert Tips

Learn more about the great features of these breeches from Kerrits themselves in this video.

What Other Equestrians Say About Kerrits Flex 3.0 Full Seat Tight

Riders just love Kerrits equestrian products. See what this rider has to say about her’s.

No products found.

#4 FITS Denim Full Seat Breech – Best Casual Look

Product Image

If you love the look of jeans then these are the pocket breeches for you!  They have all the appeal of jeans but with the cut and design, riders need.

Product Image

Features & Attributes

  • Denim look
  • Come in black or midnight blue
  • Four-way stretch material
  • Large side pocket


  • Sizes from XS to XL

Benefits & Drawbacks of FITS Denim Full Seat Breech

Casual lookSome riders might find them too thick
Largo cargo pocketSilicone dots for grip
Silicone dots for grip

How it Compares to Others

These are the most casual style of breeches in this guide. They are made from stretch denim that ensures their comfort.

What Other Equestrians Say About FITS Full Seat Breeches

FITS make several different styles of breeches, all of which are very popular. Here is what riders have to say about the FITS tights with a phone pocket.

“Really, really cute and affordable full seat schooling tights.”

Where to Keep Your Phone While Riding Horse?

If you ride English the best place to keep your phone while riding is in a large thigh pocket. There are plenty of breeches that have this kind of pocket these days, so riders have lots of choices.

Another good location is in a back pocket. While this style of breeches is harder to find, some have a secure zip pocket in this spot.

In the winter, I like to keep my phone in my inside jacket pocket, so long as it has a zipper or velcro closure.I worry less about it falling out if I keep it there.

Western riders that wear jeans will have to find another place to stick their mobile phone, as the pockets are not big enough.

Good options include a saddle bag, phone pouch that attaches to the saddle horn, or a fanny pack.

How to Choose The Riding Breeches With Pockets

Choosing riding breeches with pockets is pretty straightforward. But there are a few things to consider that will help you decide which pair of breeches is right for you.

#1 Pocket Size

Since many of today’s cell phones are pretty big, you need to take a look at how big the pocket is. You want a pocket that is big enough to slip your phone in without it sticking out the top.

No products found.

#2 Pocket Location

The best location on riding pants for a phone pocket is the outer upper thigh. A normal pocket at your waist puts the phone in an uncomfortable position when horse riding.

A waist pocket is also not as secure as when your leg bends it can push the phone out.

#3 Size of Breeches

an equestrian modeling her full riding gear but what are breeches?

Different styles of breeches have a variety of leg lengths. You want to choose a pair that isn’t too short or long for your height.

If they are too long they can bunch up can rub, giving you sores. If they are too short, they won’t protect your leg from half chap zippers.

If you are tall, check out these best breeches for tall riders guide.


What is the difference between jodhpurs and breeches?

Jodhpurswide are longer than breeches and designed to slip down over the top of paddock boots. They are usually worn by younger children. 
Head to jodhpurs vs breeches differences to learn more. 

Can you wear full seat breeches in Hunters?

Technically, yes, you can wear full seat breeches in hunter classes. However, it is not what riders usually wear. If you do wear them, choose a pair that has a full seat that is as inconspicuous as possible.


I hope you found the perfect riding breeches with phone pockets in my guide. If I could, I’d probably have a pair of each to suit different weather and even horses.

The extra grip of a full seat is great when riding a fresh horse!

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A person wearing tan riding breeches under title best riding breeches with phone pockets

What are your favorite riding breeches with phone pockets? Please share below!


1. Li Z, Wang Y. Study on the effect of professional sports clothing on sports physiology. Biomedical Research [Internet]. 2018; Available from:

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