Shetland Pony & Lengths She’ll Go To, To Get Her Way [Video]

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Get a Shetland, they said. They’re easy, they said. Sure, what trouble could they cause? They’re so small. Hmmm.

Shetland ponies look so cute, tiny, and innocent looking – or are they?

Don’t let those big brown eyes, amazing flowing locks, and small stature lull you into a false sense of security.

Behind those sweet, innocent eyes is the mind of a genius mastermind. All fun aside, Shetland ponies are highly intelligent and resourceful.

They know full well how to manipulate us lowly humans and take full advantage of their size to do whatever they please.

In this downright hilarious video, you see just how these ponies work the room. Meet Buffy, who would throw these tantrums if you tried to make her go where she didn’t want to.

Here, she was being brought in from the paddock, of course, she would equally pull these shenanigans if you tried to bring her out to the field and she didn’t want to go.

She also had a talent for squeezing through the gap between fencing boards. I’m not really sure how she accomplished this, as she was also a ninja and only did it when no one was looking.

I mean, she wasn’t about to give away her secrets, was she? But she did it repeatedly. One minute she’d be in the paddock, the next minute, she’d be up in the barn gloating to all the ‘big’ horses.

She also had pretty amazing observation and spy skills. One morning on arriving at the barn, all was quiet and looked as it should. On opening the barn door, Buffy, appeared out of nowhere, at full speed.

She ran through the door, slowed slightly to grab a carrot from the treat bucket inside, and quickly hightailed it out of there with her spoils.

This was clearly pre-planned. Which by the way, she was never led to the treat bucket and given a carrot, so she must have clocked it when being led past the day before.

So, if you are thinking of getting a Shetland pony, I advise you not to take it lightly. Yes, they are the cutest things ever, but they sure will outsmart you every time and require lots of Shetland proofing to keep them where you want!


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Bryanna Tanase
Bryanna Tanase

Bryanna is a 23-year-old Florida-based Grade 1 Para-dressage rider based in Florida and she has been riding for 5 years. Horses are her passion and her ultimate goal is to be selected for the US Para-Equestrian Team and represent the US at the Paralympics. She rides at Quantum Leap Farm and Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center and her equine partners are Shane, an American Paint Horse, and Cappy a Welsh x Thoroughbred. When she is not helping at the barn, riding, or training, she is learning about horses, writing articles about them, and using her social media platforms to raise awareness for therapeutic riding and para-equestrianism, shares her journey, and advocates for greater inclusion of para-equestrian in the media and equestrian sport at large.
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