6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Horse Riding Helmets

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Should you wear a helmet while riding a horse?

The importance of wearing helmets has been a hot topic in the equestrian world.

Many riders take to social media to share the ways that helmets have saved their life, while others publicize their argument against helmets.

Below, we’ll go over the reasons why the answer is YES, so let’s get started!

Why Are Horse Riding Helmets Important?

Why are helmets important? The biggest reason is that they protect your head and your brain from severe injury.

They reduce the impact energy of collisions with the ground when you fall off your horse and spread out the force of the fall impact so that it is not concentrated in one area.

Helmets also reduce the chance that a sharp object can pierce through it and injure you further.

girl wearing a helmet while riding a horse

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6 Reasons You Should Wear Horse Riding Helmets

If the above isn’t enough to make you want to wear a helmet, maybe one of these reasons below will do the trick!

#1 Helmets Are Easy to Use

All you need to do to use a helmet is make sure that you find one that fits your head, place it on, adjust it to fit securely, and fasten the buckle at the bottom. Then you’re ready to ride!

#2 There is a Helmet For Everyone 

Riding helmet companies make helmets in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. You are sure to find one that will fit both your needs and preferences.

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#3 Wearing a Helmet Can Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out on Horse Time 

Depending on the severity of the head injury sustained while not wearing a helmet, you could be out of the saddle for anywhere from a few months to more than a year.

Every equestrian would rather be riding, so wearing a helmet will make sure that you do not spend more time away from your horse and your sport than you have to.

Don’t forget to check this amazing list of what to wear horseback riding and get all the essentials you need.

#4 Your Helmet is Proof That You Are an Athlete and Care About Safety

Many people who do not actively participate in equestrianism believe that equestrians are not athletes because the horse does everything for them.

Well, the sweat inside your helmet will show that riding is a partnership and that you do put effort into it. Also, your helmet will demonstrate your commitment to safety to the public. 

equestrian wearing a horse riding helmet (should you wear a helmet when riding a horse)

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#5 Horses Are Dangerous (Even Your Own)

Every rider knows that horseback riding carries inherent risk.

Horses are unpredictable animals with their own mind and awareness, and that means that anything can happen while you are riding, even on a horse you know and spend time with.

It is always better to be safe and keep your helmet on in case of freak accidents or emergencies.

#6 Helmets Are Affordable 

Riding helmets do not have to be an expensive purchase. Locating an affordable helmet has never been easier, you can find some for the cost of an hour-long lesson or less.

Check this video:

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How Does it Protect From Injury?

As stated earlier, the main reason why you should wear a helmet is that they protect you from becoming severely injured or obtaining a traumatic brain injury.  They do this in several ways.

  • Limit the additional impact that a collision with the ground has on your head 
  • Disperse the force of impact throughout a wide area, preventing it from being concentrated on one part of the head and causing more serious injury
  • Absorb impact energy and reduce the force felt with collision
  • Hard outer shell prevents sharp objects from piercing the helmet and damaging the skull

Protecting your head while horseback riding is crucial. Learn about safety standards for horseback riding helmets in our informative article. Click here to read more.

Do Horse Riding Helmets Prevent Concussions?

Although equestrian helmets do a fantastic job protecting your head from additional injury, concussions can still occur while wearing them.

This is because concussions occur as a result of the brain being shaken up as you fall. Nevertheless, you should still wear a horse riding helmet because they reduce the severity of possible skull injury.

man wearing a horse helmet while riding his stallion

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Can I use second-hand horse riding helmets?

Using a second-hand riding helmet is not recommended because helmets need to be taken care of and replaced every four to five years, or immediately after a fall. Plus, many second-hand helmets are left in hot cars and other warm places which damages their effectiveness. A used riding helmet could also be damaged, which prevents you from getting proper protection.

Is it law to wear a helmet on a horse?

a girl wearing horse riding helmet

This depends on whether or not your state has a law mandating the use of riding helmets when participating in equine activities. If there is no state law saying that helmet use is mandatory, you can assume it is optional.

What should you do if you fall off a horse?

When you fall off, you should assess yourself for injury and or shock, move slowly and feel for any breaks or sprains if you think you can get up off the ground, and call for medical attention or retrieve and get back in tune with your horse depending on how you feel.


Horseback riding helmet safety is a key topic in equestrian sports. Riding helmets are important because they protect your head from serious injury by reducing the impact felt during a fall and preventing sharp object penetration.

You should wear a helmet because horses are dangerous, you want to avoid spending time away from your horse in the event of an injury, and they are affordable and easy to use.


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Should you wear a helmet when riding a horse? Let us know your opinion on this topic below!

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