Top 7 Highly-Recommended Horse Soaking Boots

When my horse developed a hoof and fetlock injury, my farrier recommended treating it using soaking boot for horses.

02/22/2024 12:11 pm GMT

Horse soaking boots are indeed a blessing for horse owners as they can help avoid painful and expensive invasive treatments for various hoof conditions.

If you want to know what the best hoof boots for soaking are, then these honest reviews will surely help.

Horse Soaking Boot Top Picks at a Glance

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7 Best Soaking Boots for Horses (With Reviews)

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1. Winner – Yeezo Hoof Soaking Boots

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02/22/2024 11:42 am GMT

I used these hoofs soak boots for my horse and found them to be very sturdy. My horse is large – almost 16 hh and I needed boots that would last for at least 3 months.

I had been asked to soak its hooves for that period – every other day). I am glad to say that Yeezo hoof soak boots worked very well and lasted throughout that time period. They also speeded up the healing process. [1]


  • Large size but adjustable to fit most draft horses (hoof-sizes up to 7 inch in diameter)
  • Made with durable PVC material with 500 denier thread count
  • Self-adhesive elastic bands are ideal for kickers
  • Available in 4 colors if you have multiple horses
Can be stored easily – collapsibleSome users reported leaks from the bottom – the soaking medicine leaked out.
Ensure a snug fit due to multiple attachment points
Washable and reusable

How they compare

Some users with larger draft horses did experience trouble getting these on. However, a vast majority of them were very satisfied as the soaking boots helped treat various hoof ailments. 

Although the description says so, these horse leg boots might be too big for donkeys.

Price-wise, they are totally worth it and definitely better than using empty grain bags or buckets for the job. The fact that they are washable and reusable makes them a winner in our books.

2. Most Durable: StepNSoak 911 Hoof Soaking Boot

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One of the main issues with soaking boots for horses is that they spring a leak after a few uses. StepNSoak hoof soaking boots overcome that drawback thanks to their sturdy and thick rubber construction.

They are also great for using on donkeys, cows, and large draft horses due to sturdy ties that help secure them around hooves of different dimensions.


  • 8.5 inch diameter with 1/4th inch rubber thickness
  • Can hold up to a gallon of warm water in them.
Can also be used with shod horsesPlastic material tends to get stiff in winters.
Ideal for icing, Cleartrax Hoof Cleanser, and even for treating White Lightning.

How they compare

StepNSoak hoof soaking boots have helped several horse owners avoid expensive invasive surgery. Compared to some entries here, the boots cost about $10 more, but they are totally worth it.

A few users reported that horses stepped on the boots and ripped them – but most users were able to use them for several months without rips and leaks.

Check out the below video to learn more:

3. Best Budget Buy: Yunbin 2-Pack Hoof soaking Boots

Horse hoof care is important and every horse owner must spend some time and effort on it.

If you have multiple horses and budget is a concern, then affordable Yunbin hoof-soaking boots will definitely be a great choice.

You can use them for thrush, bacterial infections, or simply for conditioning dry cracked hooves.


  • 8-inch diameter and 24-inch length
  • Lightweight, easy to store and carry.
  • Durable material – PVC coating – reusable and washable.
  • Adjustable straps with two extras – can be used with hoof wraps.
Ideal for small to medium-sized horsesNot for very big horses
Affordable Avoid using it on shod horses.
Value for money

How they compare

Most users found Yubin soaking hoof boots durable and sturdy – very few developed tears and rips. They cost about $10 less than most horse soaking boots listed here.

This makes these horse leg boots economical – especially if you keep several horses. The extra ties that come with the boots help secure them well around different hoof sizes.

Check out the Best Ice Boots for Horses in this quick video!

4. Best Multipurpose Medicine/Poultice Soaking Hoof Boot: Davis Boot Hoof Protection

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02/22/2024 11:59 am GMT

Davis Poultice Medicine Hoof soaking Boot is known as the original horse medicine boot in the equine community.

The brand has been around for decades and has helped treat many hoof conditions in hundreds of thousands of horses.

You can use Davis Soaking Boots for conditioning, poulticing, icing, and for treating thrush, cracked hooves, abscesses, etc. [2]


  • Tough polyvinyl construction
  • Triple layered non-slip bottom
  • Available in 6 different sizes
The three-layered bottom makes it ideal for horses having metal shoesSize issues – some users had to stuff cotton in to accommodate the extra width.
Very durableExpensive
Reputed brand with years of service in the equine industry

How they compare

Davis Original Poultice Soaking Hoof Boot costs nearly thrice as much as most entries here. However, they turn out well, stay on a fidgety horse, and also last long.

These soaking boots are also versatile and can be used for treating many hoof conditions and also for conditioning dry hooves.

Here’s a great video to check:

5. Best Indoor/Outdoor Use Horse Soaking Hoof Boots: Shires Poultice Boot

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02/22/2024 12:20 pm GMT

Most medical treatment hoof boots can typically be used when the horse is stabled.

They tend to get wet or dirty if the horse is turned out in them. Also, they could increase the animal’s risk of skidding on slippery surfaces.

With the Shires Poultice boot, you can turn your horse out while wearing the soaking boots because of their sturdy, waterproof construction and special anti-skid textured bottom.


  • Tough, waterproof, easy-to-wash, reusable PVC material with textured bottom
  • Wide neck helps in easy placement
  • Buckles and touch-close strap.
  • Available in 4 sizes from Small to Extra-large
Waterproof, easy-careExpensive
Anti-slip; great for turning outVelcro straps wear out after a few months of use.
Multi-purpose soaking boots for horses with dressings, abscess, thrush, puncture wounds, etc.

How they compare

These boots are pricey compared to most soaking hoof boots available in the market. However, the fact that you can use them indoors and outdoors is a blessing. Shires poultice boots also fit most horses perfectly. 

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6. Best Hoof Boots for Icing: DEEALL Soaking Poultice Boots

DEEALL poultice ice boot helps you ice your horse’s hooves in addition to also treating abscesses, lost shoes, and nail/stone bruises.


  • 8-inch diameter, 24-inch height
  • Strong soft vinyl construction
  • Attractive bright color for night-time visibility
Great ice boot The height of the boots might not be adequate for icing upper legs – they tend to collapse. Only for icing the lower part of the legs and the hooves.
Easy to put on and adjust with straps provided

How they compare

Price-wise, they are similar to our winning entry. DEEALL soaking hoof boots are available in an attractive color that is reflective and seen at night.

Size is adequate for most horse breeds. The soft vinyl boots are easy to take on and off and won’t irritate your horse.

7. Best Hoof Sock with Breathable Design: TUBBEASE Hoof Sock 

TUBBEASE Hoof socks have a breathable design that enhances healing whereas other soaking hoof boots tend to make the horse’s hoof feel cramped and sweaty.

These Hoof socks are also shorter in length compared to traditional hoof socks that measure about 24-inches in height. The short length is perfect for horses that get irritated with taller soaking boots.


  • Available in 6 boot sizes
  • Comfortable breathable hoof sock made with sturdy polyester
  • Matching hook and loop system ensures a snug fit
  • Sealed PVC base keeps the medicine touching the abscess and also allows the hoof to breathe. This enhances speedy healing.
Breathable yet heavy-duty boots that speed up healing.The bottom is round and not exactly hoof-shaped. Some horses might not be able to fit properly.
Can be used for soaking and also over hoof wraps and dressings.
Multi-purpose; useful for treating several conditions.

How they compare

Similar in price to the winning entry here. TUBBEASE hoof saver boot has a breathable design that is an improvement over other hoof boots that tend to be restrictive and sweaty.

Many horse owners have used these boots to tackle laminitis, thrush, seedy toe, and thin or damaged hooves in their horses.

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How Do You Use a Soaking Boot on a Horse?

Here are the steps to use a soaking boot for horse hoof:

1. Ensure Proper Fit

Taking proper measurements is important for the success of the soaking treatment. Always measure your horse’s longest foot diameter after trimming and make sure your horse is calm when you measure it. [3]

If needed, have someone hand-feed the horse while you measure and also when you actually put on the hoof socks/hoof boots.

Your horse’s hoof’s shape will play an important role in the fit of the boot. If the hoof’s length at its longest is less than 4 ½ inches, then select a hoof boot with an inner diameter of 4 ½ inches.

2. Apply the Medication

After applying the necessary medication, pull or slide the hoof boot or sock gently over the hoof. You can also pour the medicine (or hot water mixed with Epsom salts) after your horse is wearing the boot.

This will allow the soaking fluid/poultice/medicine to surround the hoof completely and draw out the infection.

3. Secure the Boot With Ties or Straps

Most boots have ties or Velcro straps that you can wrap around the horse’s legs. You can also use duct tapes to make sure the boots are secured firmly so your horse won’t be able to kick them off. 

4. Repeat Soaking Several Times a Day

It is recommended that you soak the affected hoof/hooves at least three times a day, for 30 minutes each.

Your vet can also recommend how often and how long to soak in for. 


What is hoof soaking?

Hoof soaking is done using soaking boots for horses to treat common hoof ailments like laminitis, abscesses, chronic hoof pain, thrush, White lightning, bruises, etc. Soaking helps speed up the healing by bringing the medicine/poultice in close contact with the affected areas on the hooves.

How long should you soak a horse hoof with an abscess?

best hoof boots for barefoot horses of any kind

It is recommended to soak an abscessed hoof for at least 30 minutes at a time in hot water mixed with Epsom salts or other hoof poultices/medicines. Repeat at least 3-4 times a day for a week or longer as advised by your vet.

What do you soak horse hooves in?

You can use hot (not scalding!) water mixed with Epsom salts, betadine solution, wheat bran, CleanTrax Equine Hoof Cleanser, or ice. The medicine will depend on the hoof treatment recommended by your vet.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

Horse soaking boots help treat many common hoof issues and can also condition the dry hoof, bruises etc. in horses.

I recommend Yeezo Equine Soaking boots because of their snug fit, sturdy durable material, and easy on/easy off design.

These adjustable soaking boots have helped many horse owners (including myself) avoid painful and expensive treatments for various hoof ailments.

Don’t forget to check out our other recommendations too.


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  • 2. Heather Smith Thomas. A field guide to hoof cracks. The Horse Owner’s Resource. Published June 3, 2017. Accessed November 30, 2021.
  • 3. How to Measure Horse Hooves. Horse Supplies | Horse Tack & Horse Equipment. Published 2017. Accessed November 30, 2021.
lady cleaning the horse's hooves

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