5 of the Best Songs About Horses for Toddlers

Are you searching for songs about horses to entertain your toddler? horse songs for kids?

You have come to the right place!

Below, we’re checking out some adorable music videos that will delight your tiny tots!

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Best Songs about horses for your toddlers

The right horse songs for toddlers can keep your little ones entertained while you get some chores done.

We’ve done the guesswork for you and found some that they’ll just adore. All you have to do is load them into your playlist and go!

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1. Horse Song nursery rhymes by Blippi

This cute horse nursery rhymes style song is perfect for any toddler who dreams of galloping through the house on her very own horse!

Blippi is a YouTube channel that creates educational videos for young kids. So, not only are the songs fun, they’re educational as well!

This particular song teaches your child what sound a horse makes while racing through the countryside, along with other neat little facts.

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2. Horse on the farm

“My baby has a little farm, E-I-E-I-O.”

This fantastic horse song for kids comes from MaryVEVO, a leading channel on YouTube with over 46.2K subscribers.

Has your child seen a neighing horse yet? If not, then you should definitely stream this one.

Along with find out what sound a horse makes, kids also get to learn about other exciting things in the life of a farm horse.

3. Horsey horsey

This cute song and video features a little girl asking a carriage horse all sorts of questions…and getting answers to them.

This song is presented by another famous educational channel on YouTube, KidsCamp.

It does a good job of teaching little ones about the farm ecosystem and all of the animals found within it.

Plus, the pink horse is just adorable!

4. Little Red- Horse song for kids

Take a break from teaching toddlers their ABCs and 123s and let them learn all about animals with this next horse song.

This one comes from Patty Shukla Kids’ TV and teaches the different motions that horses make.

Do you know how a horse walks, runs, trots, and gallops? They will after checking out this quick and fun little music video.

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5. Fun educational Horse song for kids and toddlers

This is definitely one of my favorite songs about horses for toddlers! It’s full of bright visuals and catchy rhymes.

The MooGooPi Channel really just did a terrific job with it! By the end, your tot will learn about the many different colors of horses and all about their favorite activities.

These best horse songs for toddlers are not just fun to play. They are educational too! The one by MooGooPi is definitely my favorite!

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