Tipperary vs. Ovation Helmet: Which One To Choose: Equestrian Answers

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I’ve been an equestrian for five years, and I know that choosing a Tipperary vs Ovation helmet, or choosing among helmet brands in general, is one of the most complex decisions to make.

There are so many brands, styles, and colors to choose from.

This guide will describe the difference between a Tipperary riding helmet and an Ovation horse riding helmet and help you decide which one to choose from.  

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Here’s a quick comparison of the two horseback riding helmets.

Technology UsedContoured drop-back ABS shell
EPS Foam Lining
Adjustable Dial & Harness
Removable liner and visor
Warranty1 year30 days
Variety Of ColorsYesYes
ASTM/SEI CertifiedYesYes
Money-back GuaranteeNoNo
Best FeatureAdjustable fit dial makes it
great for growing kids
Extra protection

Tipperary Helmets 

tipperary helmet

Tipperary riding helmets also come in many styles, colors, and sizes so that every horse rider can find a helmet that fits their needs.

How Good Are Their Helmets?

All Tipperary helmets are ASTM/SEI certified [1], so they are at the top of the line when it comes to skull and brain protection (yay for keeping your noggin safe!).

The Tipperary schooling helmet is made with a contoured drop-back ABS shell to fit securely around your head and provide the best possible protection from severe impact.

The helmet has many other features as well, including multiple lightweight vents for airflow, an adjustable chin strap with a chin cover, a rubber low profile visor so that you can see in the sun, and an EPS foam lining to absorb impact from a fall [2].

I feel that Tipperary riding helmets are safe, quality helmets. They have many features to protect your head and ensure that any rider has a riding helmet that fits properly.

The variety of colors is the icing on the cake because if you’re anything like me, I love to match outfits when I ride, and there is a color to go with any riding shirt you choose.

Check out this video on how to fit a Tipperary helmet.

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Wide Brim Helmet S Rose Go
  • ASTM F1163-15 and SEI Certified
  • 360-degree crush-resistant fiberglass banding
  • Wide brim
  • Lightweight, high-density ABS shell provides high impact resistance
  • High impact absorbing EPS foam liner

Ovation Helmets 

ovation helmet

Ovation helmets are also a top favorite in the equestrian world.

How Good Are Their Helmets?

Ovation horse riding helmets are ATSM certified (yay, more awesome noggin safety!). They also have a rubber finish and high flow vents for comfort and breathability.

Other features to ensure proper fit include an adjustable dial on the back of the helmet and an adjustable harness on the chin strap.  

The Ovation schooling helmet is a lightweight, low-profile helmet with a removable liner and visor.

The liner provides extra padding and shock absorption while the visor improves visibility in bright sunlight.

To top it all off, the ovation schooling helmet comes in sizes from toddler to adult and has a variety of colors to suit any style.  

I love that the Ovation helmet has an adjustable dial for fit because that means you can change it whenever an adjustment is needed, meaning you can make the most out of it (great for growing young riders!).

The removable pieces on the helmet also mean that you can adjust for different riding conditions (who wants to ride with a visor on a cloudy day?)

Checkout these ovation helmets

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How Do I Compare Tipperary and Ovation Schooling Helmets?

I know that buying a helmet [3] is an essential investment for every equestrian’s safety, and as such, you need factors to compare brands to make sure you pick the one that is the best fit for you.

Here are some points you can use to weigh Tipperary vs. Ovation helmets against each other?  


the things described above, such as safety features, lining, padding, color, style, sizes, fit adjustment features, and more, can all be used to compare helmet companies and their products.

Every helmet is designed a little differently, so it’s essential to look at the pros and cons of each.

Money-back Guarantee

Neither Tipperary nor Ovation offer a money-back guarantee for their helmets.

However, Tipperary does have a year-long warranty program for their helmets where you can get any helmet replaced provided no modifications have been made.

Ovation has a helmet replacement program, but you must pay the total cost of the helmet and provide proof of purchase. 

Return Policy

Tipperary helmets may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, excluding shipping fees if returned in original packaging. If the helmet is not sellable, a restocking fee will be charged.

Ovation does not have its return policy, but helmets may be returned according to the return program at the store where an Ovation riding helmet was purchased. 

Warranty Time

Tipperary helmets have a year-long warranty program that begins when a helmet is purchased (yay, damage protection!) Ovation helmets are under warranty for 30 days after the helmet was purchased 

Check out these ovation helmets.

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Ovation vs Tipperary: What to Choose 

Since both companies offer the same range of choices in terms of color, style, and helmet size.

I would choose between an Ovation schooling helmet and a Tipperary riding helmet based on the other differentiating factors.  

For example, I would choose an Ovation horse riding helmet if the main thing you are looking for is adjustability and longevity.

The adjustable fit dial on Ovation helmets means that growing kids will be able to wear their helmets for a full five years instead of needing to get a new one halfway through.  

On the other hand, I would choose a Tipperary helmet if your main focus is extra protection.

Tipperary helmets are both ATSM/SEI certified and have an ABS contoured shell to surround your head with protection, as well as an EPS foam lining for additional padding and shock absorption.

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Do Tipperary helmets expire?

Like most helmets, Tipperary helmets are good for five years. The expiration date should be written on the inside label.  

Are Tipperary helmets certified?

Tipperary helmets are both ATSM and SEI certified   

How long do Ovation helmets last?

Ovation helmets last for five years before they need to be replaced.  

How do you measure an Ovation riding helmet?

Measure for your helmet by wrapping a measuring tape around the head above the eyebrow.


Ovation horse riding helmets and Tipperary helmets are two distinct brands that offer various colors, styles, and sizes.

Tipperary helmets are best for riders most concerned with head protection, while Ovation is best for those whose primary concern is custom fit.  

Tipperary vs. Ovation Helmets (Complete Reviews With Comparisons)

Which one do you prefer, Ovation or Tipperary helmets? Please let us know below!


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