7 Top-Rated Horse Riding Helmets for Toddlers

When my daughter started her lessons, the first thing her instructor asked us to do was to invest in a safe and sturdy toddler horse riding helmet.

And a good thing too, for she had a fall and the helmet protected her from serious head and neck injuries.

05/15/2024 03:48 pm GMT

In this guide, I will tell you exactly what to look for in horse-riding helmets for young riders. Horse riding helmet for 2 year old, 3 year old and just the best toddler helmets.

We will start with comprehensive and honest reviews of the 7 safest equestrian helmets followed by the criteria to select one.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Top Picks Toddler Helmets at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

7 Top-Rated Toddler Horse Riding Helmets – 2024 Reviews

Studies show that the RIGHT equestrian helmet can significantly reduce the possibility of skull fractures. [1] Finding the right one for an adult is pretty easy, but shopping for toddlers is a bit trickier.

To help you out, I reviewed only the best options. Let’s check them out, then I’ll give you some insight on what I looked for when shopping for my daughter’s helmet.

#1. Winner- Troxel Equestrian-Protective-Gear Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

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02/21/2024 02:18 am GMT

This was my choice for my daughter. Its XS size fit her perfectly – she was 3 years old at the time.

As mentioned earlier, this TROXEL EQUESTRIAN Protective toddler helmet saved her from serious injuries. I chose the Troxel Equestrian Horseback Riding Helmet due to the following reasons:

First of all, it came highly recommended by her trainer. Even equine extension specialists like Jennifer Nadeau recommend full-coverage helmets as they are ideal for small head sizes [2].

Also, its vent placement kept young riders from getting too sweaty despite riding in the hot summer months.

Secondly, the Troxel toddler horse riding helmet features its innovative DialFit technology that ensures a perfect fit. They also offer an extensive size range so you get a helmet for every rider.

Thirdly, it is one of the safest helmets out there and is even ASTM/CEI certified. Both these standards ensure the highest safety. It is no wonder that Troxel has sold almost 4 million of these helmets!

Here is a summary of its great features:


  •       Flex visor
  •       Low profile with full coverage
  •       DialFit technology- adjustable part allows users to wear ponytails. Also, an additional adjustable strap on the inside allows a better fit.
  •       Available in 15 colors and 4 sizes.
  •       Meets highest safety standards
DurableNo color choices
Comfortable & LightweightNot specifically made for toddlers
Easy to clean
Value for money

How it compares

Troxel helmets are great for small heads and they also allow room to grow in. Girls have a wide range of choices in colors including feminine colors like pink and purple.

Troxel’s DialFit tech along with chin strap and inner strap ensures ease of fitting. The best part is its easy washability.

Most parents will also love the Troxel toddler riding helmet’s attractive price and its highest safety standards.


If your toddler’s head circumference is about 50 cm or 20.5 inches, order XS size. Check out Troxel’s video on how to fit a horse riding helmet:

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#2. Best Overall: Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

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02/23/2024 09:54 am GMT

At first glance, you might think that Ovation only makes riding helmets for adults.

However, many users have used these in XS size for toddlers aged between 2 and 4 years and they have fit beautifully. Here are some of the Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet’s top features:


  •       Adjustable dial
  •       Low profile and full coverage
  •       Inner padding
  •       Comes with a chin strap
  •       Features YKK clip and buckle.
  •       Has vents to keep the head cool
  •       Available in several colors and sizes.
High-quality, durable, well-made helmet with sturdy partsSize issues. Some kids with oval-shaped heads found it bulky.
Easy to adjustAlso, it does not have room for buns and ponytails
Lightweight, comfortable, breathable

How it compares

Ovation is a popular brand in the equestrian industry and their toddler equestrian helmets are very well received. However, some users have experienced a few sizing issues.

Ovation Deluxe helmets come in a variety of sizes and colors. Their price is also comparable to our winning entry above.

Check out the video below for a closer look:

#3. Best Horse-Riding Helmet for Toddlers between 2-6 years: Xiaozxwlhq Adjustable Horse Riding Helmet

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02/22/2024 05:20 pm GMT

Kids love the Xiaozxwlhq horse riding gear because it comes in attractive colors and has kid-friendly artwork on it.

This pink horse-riding helmet has cute unicorns on it which are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Here are some other attractive features of the Xiaozxwlhq toddler horse riding helmet:


  •       Thick inner sponge
  •       Adjustable buckles
  •       Made with a tough, durable PVC shell
  •       Well-ventilated design – equipped with 8 vents for superior airflow
  •       Attractive pink color with unicorn stickers
  •       Ideal for head circumference between 48 and 54 cm.
Perfect for toddler head sizesOnly for pony riding
AffordableDoes not have ASTM/CEI certification therefore, safety could be a concern for some parents.

How it compares

Most parents found the Xiaozxwlhq toddler riding helmets slightly flimsy. Many felt it may not offer the same safety as that of the other brands above. However, for basic schooling or pony rides, this toddler horse riding helmet is definitely a great option – particularly if you do not want to spend too much.

#4. Best Metallic Finish: Ovation Kid’s Metallic Schooler Riding Helmet

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02/22/2024 05:28 pm GMT

Whether your child rides like a pro or is just starting his/her first horse riding lesson; they will love the metallic helmet from Ovation Kid’s Helmet series.

Ovation makes helmets for various disciplines like dressage, jumping, too. They also have the appropriate sizes for tiny tots. Here are Ovation Kid’s Schooler helmet features:


  •   Low-profile, full-coverage
  •   Weigh less than 2 lb.
  •   Available in 5 attractive colors and several sizes.
  •   Meets the ASTM standards
  •   Easy dial adjustment
  •   YKK clip and buckles
  •   Rubberized, metallic finish.
  •   Comes with a protective carrying bag
Extra-strong The visor is slightly flimsy.
Lightweight stays off the rider’s faceColor may differ from what you see on your screen (not as vibrant)
Washable liner

How it compares

There is a reason why even horse-riding trainers recommend the Ovation helmet brand to students. According to Ovation’s Blog,  helmets may save almost 85% of serious injuries experienced while riding. Safety is paramount to young riders – so this toddler horse riding helmet is definitely a must-buy. The metallic finish is super attractive too.

#5. Best No Knot Toddler Riding Helmet: Ovation Unisex Schooler Deluxe Riding Helmet with RWR No Knot Hairnet

Many kids, especially girls, hate wearing helmets because of the hair knotting issue. With Ovation’s no-knot hairnet, this problem is easily avoided.

Ovation RWR helmets also come with a bag to protect them from dust, bugs, etc. when not in use.

Here are some of its other features:


  •       Small size easily fits toddler heads: 20 ½ inches to 22 inches.
  •       Real Women Ride hair net for girls with long hair
  •       Weighs less than a kilo
  •       Adjustable at the back
  •       Vents for breathability
Benefits Drawbacks
ComfortableVisor does not stay put.
Value for money

How it compares

An excellent horse riding helmet that prevents knots and tangles! Need we say more?

#6. Best Multi-Purpose: KAMUGO Toddler Helmet Adjustable – Ages 2-8

In addition to horse-riding, KAMUGO helmets can even be used for other outdoor fun: cycling, skating, skateboarding, etc.

It has a strong anti-impact ABS shell and shock-absorbing inner foam. Check out some other features of the KAMUGO toddler helmet:


  •       Adjustable strap and head size to fit kids between 2 and 8 years
  •       Vent holes to prevent sweating
  •       Breathable pads
  •       Available in 8 cute colors and two sizes – S and M.
  •       Shock-absorbing foam
  •       Tough ABS shell and thick EPS core of 0.7 inches to protect against impacts
  •       Includes carrying bag and an instruction manual
Benefits Drawbacks
  Offers premium protection       Some size issues
Cool, comfortable, breathable
Great for gifting
Easy returns

How it compares

KAMUGO toddler helmet is a multi-purpose helmet that could pass off as an equestrian helmet for short pony rides.

It is always best to confirm with your child’s trainer if this helmet is acceptable for events. The price is very reasonable.

#7. Safest Toddler Horse Riding Helmet – Troxel Equestrian-Protective-Gear Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

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05/15/2024 03:48 pm GMT

All Troxel equestrian helmets are SEI/ASTM certified. This is the reason why millions of parents trust this toddler horse riding helmet to protect their young ones.


  •       Soft-touch DialFit technology for easy adjustments
  •       Made using molded polymer – won’t shatter in the event of a fall
  •       Adjustable flip-fold padding for easy sizing
  •       Top-rated riding helmet with highest safety standards
  •       14 attractive colors and kid-friendly designs like T-rex
Durable      Some helmets needed constant adjustments.
Value for money

How it compares

Want a reliable equestrian helmet that meets all the safety standards? Then Troxel is the brand to go. The helmet looks great, is comfortable, and is affordable too.

On the downside, a small percentage of users complained about the helmet ‘riding back’ while in the saddle. One can avoid this issue with proper adjustments to the flip-fold padding.

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How to Choose the Best Horse-Riding Helmets for Toddlers?


Measure your child’s head circumference just above their eyebrows.

This will give you an idea about the size to order. XS-size helmets are ideal for toddlers aged between 2 and 6 years.

little boy riding a horse and using the Best Horse Riding Helmets for Kids

This size usually fits head sizes between 19 and 5/8th inches to 20- 3/8th inches. (If your child wears a hat size of 6 1/4th to 6 ½ too, you can opt for the XS size.)

You can also opt for helmets that have adjustable dials or removable/foldable padding to fit different head sizes or allow room for growth.


The second most important criterion after the size is the safety of the toddler equestrian helmet.

Choose a helmet with ASTM/CEI certifications. These ensure that the helmet can withstand the impact of a fall or kick and prevent serious injuries. [3]


 If your child rides in the summer months, it is best to look for helmets with vents or holes as well as washable inner lining.


Can a 2-year-old ride a horse?

Yes, a 2-year-old can learn to ride a horse. In fact; the earlier they start, the quicker they learn. Many trainers also recommend teaching young toddlers horseback riding to make them feel more comfortable around horses.

Why should children wear helmets when riding a horse?

Children should wear helmets to protect themselves from grievous injuries sustained from falls. They should also wear one on the ground when working near horses to protect themselves from kicks.

Final Recommendation

The best toddler horse riding helmet can prevent head injuries sustained during falls from horses. Many horse events also make it compulsory for riders of all ages to wear equestrian helmets.

We recommend the TROXEL EQUESTRIAN helmet as it is safe and meets ASTM standards. It is also adjustable and available in lovely colors and several sizes.

You can also go in for helmet brands like Ovation – their kid helmets are sturdy and well-designed.

I hope this guide helps you pick the best toddler helmet for your needs.


  • 1. Sorli JM. Equestrian injuries: a five year review of hospital admissions in British Columbia, Canada. Injury Prevention. 2000;6(1):59-61. doi:10.1136/ip.6.1.59
  • 2. heyboerg. The Do’s and Don’ts of Equestrian Attire. myhorseuniversity. Published September 25, 2017. Accessed December 6, 2021. https://www.myhorseuniversity.com/single-post/2017/09/25/the-dos-and-donts-of-equestrian-attire
  • 3. Helmet Certifications | Troxel Helmets. Troxelhelmets.com. Published 2020. Accessed December 6, 2021. https://www.troxelhelmets.com/helmet-certifications
baby girl wearing a toddler horse riding helmet

What toddler horse riding helmet do you love most? Let us know in the comments below!

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