100 Unique Horse Names for Males & Females

Looking for some amazing unique horse names for your new foal?

We’ve got you covered!

Below, we came up with 100 ideas that go beyond the norm.

Let’s check them out, shall we?

Unique Horse Names for Males

  1. Aladdin – after the famous Disney prince.
  2. Albo – unique horse name meaning “white.”
  3. Alcatraz – after the famous prison.
  4. Aldwyn – English name meaning “old friend.”
  5. Amity – English name meaning “friendship.”
  6. Amor – Spanish name meaning “love.”
  7. Andre – unique name for a horse.
  8. Apollo – after the space mission.
  9. Arvin – German name meaning “the friend.”
  10. Atlas– for the horse that holds up your whole world.
  11. Aziz – Arabic name meaning “loved.”
  12. Bane – After Batman’s arch-enemy.
  13. Bengal – after the famous tiger breed.
  14. Bentley – before the car, this name used to mean “ranch.”
  15. Blizzard – perfect name for a white horse.
  16. Boa – after one of the deadliest snakes.
  17. Bobo – cute name for a very unique horse.
  18. Buckwheat – after the famous TV character.
  19. Byron – for the one who lives in the barn.
  20. Caballo– Galacian word that means “horse.”
  21. Cavall– Catalan word for horse.
  22. Chewbacca – famous Star Wars character.
  23. Clapton – after the amazing guitar player.
  24. Corazon – Spanish name meaning “heart.”
  25. Corwin – English name meaning “friend.”
  26. Dai – Welsh name meaning “beloved.”
  27. Dilbert – after the cartoon character.
  28. Dilshad – Persian name meaning “happy.”
  29. Dingo – after the Australian wild dog.
  30. Erasmus – Greek name meaning “loved.”
  31. Euston – Irish name meaning “heart.”
  32. Hevonen-Finnish for “horse.”
  33. Goodwyn – English name meaning “good friend.”
  34. Habibah – Egyptian name meaning “love.”
  35. Hubert – German name meaning “loving.”
  36. Janan – Arabic name meaning “heart.”
  37. Jebediah – Hebrew name which means “beloved.”
  38. Kale– Actually means “horse” in Albanian
  39. Khalil – Arabic name meaning “friend.”
  40. Khanom – Thai name translating to “heart.”
  41. Kiefer – Gaelic name meaning “beloved.”
  42. Kokoro – Japanese name meaning “soul.”
  43. Konj– Croatian word for horse.
  44. Lennan – Irish name that means “lover.”
  45. Luthando – this name comes from Zulu and it means “love.”
  46. Obi – Nigerian name meaning “heart.”
  47. Prem – Sanskrit name meaning “love.”
  48. Querida – Spanish for “loved one.”
  49. Rafiki – Swahili name meaning “friend.”
  50. Sajan – Hindi name meaning “the loved one.”

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Unique Horse Names for Females

unique horse names for your new foal
  1. Ahava – Hebrew name meaning “love.”
  2. Aiko – in Japanese this name meaning “loved child.”
  3. Alexa – Greek name meaning “man’s defender.”
  4. Amica – this name means “friend.”
  5. Amicia – French name meaning “beloved.”
  6. Amorette – beautiful French name that means “little love.”
  7. Artemis – after the Greek Goddess of the moon.
  8. Ashura – Swahili name meaning “friend.”
  9. Auden – English name meaning “old friend.”
  10. Ayra – a unique name for a noble Goddess.
  11. Azura – Spanish name meaning “blue.”
  12. Bhiza– Shona word that means horse.
  13. Cara – Italian name meaning “beloved.”
  14. Carly – great name for a free spirit.
  15. Ceffyl – Welsh for horse.
  16. Chloe – beautiful name for a renewed one.
  17. Dee – beautiful name for a black horse.
  18. Dixie – American name meaning southern.
  19. Doki– Hausa for horse.
  20. Duchess – for a very unique horse.
  21. Farrah – this name means “happy.”
  22. Femi – Nigerian name meaning “love.”
  23. Fera – Portuguese name meaning “best.”
  24. Freida – the German name for a “peaceful ruler.”
  25. Gulisa – Georgian name meaning “little heart.”
  26. Hadara – for the most beautiful one.
  27. Harley – unique name for a beautiful horse.
  28. Helga – German name meaning “blessed.”
  29. Hera – after the mother of Gods!
  30. Hita – Hindi name meaning “loveable.”
  31. Jasmine – beautiful name meaning “God’s gift.”
  32. Jaylin – unique name for a swift horse.
  33. Jemma – the British name for a precious one.
  34. Joli – French name meaning “beautiful.”
  35. Juliet – for the one who’s always young.
  36. Kama – Sanskrit name meaning “love.”
  37. Libi – Hebrew name meaning “heart.”
  38. Lyuha – Russian name meaning “love of the people.”
  39. Maggie – unique name for a child of light.
  40. Maliha – Arabic name meaning “elegant.”
  41. Marina – unique name which means “from the sea.”
  42. Medwyn – English name for a strong one.
  43. Mila – Russian name for the dearest one.”
  44. Millie – for the one with gentle strength.
  45. Myma – Irish name meaning “beloved.”
  46. Philomena – Greek name meaning “love.”
  47. Priya – Hindi name meaning “loveable.”
  48. Ruta – Hebrew name meaning “friend.”
  49. SoavalyMalagasy word that means horse.
  50. Zaldi– Basque for “horse.”

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It’s always so hard to pick just one name that I love the most from each list, but here goes:

For girls, I really love Soavaly. It has such a beautiful ring to it. For boys, I’d go with Hevonen, because it sounds just heavenly!


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