190+ War Horse Name Ideas for Your Stallion or Mare

For many horse owners, war horse names hold special significance because of the glory associated with them.

When we think of a battle scene, the picture that comes to mind is incomplete without a horse.

Whether it’s a real battle hero like the horse of Alexander the Great or the fictional and mythological horses – these powerful equines have an aura of bravery and immortality.

Let’s take a look at some of the best war horse names!      

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War Horse Names Favorites

War Horse Names for StallionWar Horse Names for Mares

99 War Horse Names for Stallions

an athletic jumping stallion perfect for war horse names

Boldness and strength – that’s what war heroes signify – whether it’s a hero from the pages of our history books or the gods and demons in books.

Check out my list of famous horse names for the amazing animal in your stable. 

  1. Aethon
  2. Alexander 
  3. Altivo
  4. Angel
  5. Apollo
  6. Aragorn 
  7. Ares
  8. Arete
  9. Argo
  10. Arion
  11. Arthur 
  12. Aslan 
  13. Atlas
  14. Attila 
  15. Azul
  16. Bailey
  17. Balius
  18. Blueskin
  19. Breeze
  20. Bucephalus
  21. Caesar 
  22. Charlie
  23. Chestnut
  24. Chetak
  25. Chiron
  26. Chuck 
  27. Cincinnati
  28. Clifford
  29.  Constantinople
  30. Comanche
  31. Copenhagen
  32. Eclipse
  33. Emperor
  34. Eous
  35. Ethan 
  36. Felix
  37. Force
  38. Galahad 
  39. Gawain 
  40. Genghis 
  41. God
  42. Hades
  43. Harry
  44. Helios
  45. Heracles 
  46. Hercules 
  47. Hippocampus
  48. Hrimfaxi
  49. Hulk
  50. Hunter
  51. John 
  52. Jon 
  53. Jupiter 
  54. Justin
  55. Khan 
  56. Klinger
  57. Lancelot 
  58. Lucifer
  59. Marengo
  60. Mars 
  61. Maximus 
  62. McClane 
  63. Midnight
  64. Mordred 
  65. Mufasa 
  66. Napoleon
  67. Neptune 
  68. Patriot
  69. Pegasus
  70. Percival 
  71. Perseus 
  72. Phantom
  73. Phlegon
  74. Poseidon 
  75. Prince
  76. Pylon
  77. Pyrois
  78. Rocket
  79. Scipio
  80. Secretariat
  81. Shadowfax
  82. Simba
  83. Smiler
  84. Star
  85. Sterope 
  86. Thor
  87. Thunder
  88. Titan
  89. Tornado
  90. Traveller
  91. Tristan 
  92. Trooper
  93. Tulpar
  94. Uranus 
  95. Wallace 
  96. Wick 
  97. William
  98. Xanthus
  99. Zeus

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99 War Horse Names for Mares

girl wearing a helmet while riding a horse

From history to mythology, you will find mares who are famous war horses and have been the epitome of bravery.

If you wish to name your beautiful mare after a female war horse, we have the ideal list for you! Take a look at the names that I put together to find the best female horse names.  

  1. Ada
  2. Adira
  3. Aether
  4. Alaska
  5. Alsie
  6. Amber
  7. Amelia
  8. Angelina
  9. Anne
  10. Aphrodite
  11. Aqua
  12. Aria
  13. Artemis
  14. Arwen
  15. Asta
  16. Athena
  17. Audrey
  18. Aurora
  19. Bella
  20. Betty
  21. Black Beauty
  22. Blaze
  23. Blue moon
  24. Bridget
  25. Callisto
  26. Calypso
  27. Castor
  28. Catherine
  29. Chaos
  30. Cleopatra
  31. Daenerys
  32. Diomedes
  33. Divine
  34. Dora
  35. Edna
  36. Elegance
  37. Ella
  38. Ellen
  39. Ellie
  40. Embrace
  41. Empress
  42. Enigma
  43. Eos
  44. Epona
  45. Esmeralda
  46. Esperanza
  47. Euphoria
  48. Evita
  49. Flame
  50.  Florian
  51. Fury
  52. Gaea
  53. Glory
  54. Goddess
  55. Gypsy
  56. Heaven
  57. Hera
  58. Hermione
  59. Joey
  60. June
  61. Juno
  62. Kasztanka
  63. Lightning
  64. Maia
  65. Maya
  66. Melisande
  67. Midnight Rose
  68. Minerva
  69. Moonlight
  70. Nala
  71. Nana
  72. Nemesis
  73. Nike
  74. Nyx
  75. Oprah
  76. Palomo
  77. Peachblossom
  78. Persephone
  79. Phaethon
  80. Phoebe
  81. Pleiades
  82. Reckless
  83. Rhaebus
  84. Rosa
  85. Sally
  86. Sargent Reckless
  87. Sếlene
  88. Skinfaxi
  89. Snowfire
  90. Starlight
  91. Storm
  92. Stormy
  93. Sunfire
  94. Tethys
  95. Trudy
  96. Valentina
  97. Valerie
  98. Victoria
  99. Xena

War Horse Names FAQs

Now you have a list of the most amazing war horse names for your pet. Whether you own a stallion or a mare, you will certainly find something from our list.

Do you still have questions about choosing a great name? I put together a list of questions and their answers to solve all your queries in just one place!

What is the name of a famous war horse?

There are many famous war horses with their names etched in history. One of them is undoubtedly Bucephalus who accompanied Alexander the Great in many battles since the king was 13. Another well-known war horse was Sergeant Reckless, a fearless mare who was part of the Korean War. 

What are some badass war horse names?

Being part of battles is one of the greatest signs of bravery. So, for every horse owner who wants badass names for their animals, what’s better than a war horse name like Comanche or Cincinnati for stallions and Kasztanka or Sergeant Reckless for mares.

What are some cool war horse names?

a horse with high wither

If you are looking for some cool names for a war horse, there are many options for you. For a male war horse, you can pick names like Tencendur, Topthorn, Mufasa, or Rocket, and for female horses, you can go for Gypsy, Dora, Epona, or Amber, all of which can add a sense of boldness to your horse’s identity. 

What are some unisex war horse names?

If you are looking for a list of unisex names that are perfect for a war horse, you can check out names like Plomo, Snowfire, Wings, Shade, Altivo, and more. The key to finding the right unisex war horse names is to find something fierce and cool and ensure that it can work for both stallions and mares. 

What should I name my black war horse?

Friesian horse gracefully standing while looking at the camera

If you own a black horse and want to give it a name that’s perfect for a war horse, you need a list that sounds stunningly bold and fierce. For male horses, you can pick names like BlackJack, Dark Prince, or Zorro. For your gorgeous mare, names like Black Beauty, Black Annie, and Lady Hawk can work.

What are mythical horse names fit for a war horse?

There are many mythological horses that can inspire you to choose an incredible name for a war horse. For a male horse, you can pick mythological names like Arion, Balius, Centaur, Embarr, etc., and for mares, you can choose names like Dora, Epona, Tianma, Gaia, and more. 

What are some Indian war horse names?

American Quarter horse, a calm horse breed

If you are planning to give your horse an Indian horse name, there are some stunningly exotic options for you. You can pick names like Chetak, Agni, Aarav, and Tufaan for male horses, and Avanti, Akira, Chameli, and Dhanno for female horses. 

What are some Greek war horse names?

If you are inspired by Greek mythology, you might want to give your horse beautiful Greek names for horses. Some of the best Greek war horse names can be Abraxas, Balios, Euos, Harpagos, Konabos, Skylla, Bronte, Boreas, and many more, all of which have a sense of strength in them. 

What are some Roman war horse names?

If you’re interested in giving your horse a fabulous name that’s classic and bold, Roman horse names might work. Some of the best roman names for a male war horse can be Ulysses, Vesper, Tyro, etc., and for a female war horse, you can choose Venus, Voluptas, Urania, etc.

What are some Celtic war horse names?

Celtic names are traditional and meaningful, even for human beings. You can choose a Celtic name for your horse. Some ideal Celtic war horse names for stallions are Niall, Maher, Caomh, etc., while for your mare, you can go for names like Aisling, Sheahan, Roisin, etc.

What are some Chinese war horse names?

If you find Chinese mythology fascinating, you might like the idea of giving your horse a Chinese name. For a stallion, Chinese names such as Daoji, Fengfeng, or Fusang, while for a female, you can choose names like Magu, Chang’e, or Mazu, all of which are deeply meaningful names.  

What are some Arabian war horse names?

brown Russian Arabian horse

For a horse that’s gorgeous and unique, only a name that fits their personality and appearance should be chosen. For that, you can choose some exotic options, like Arabian war horse names such as Hayat, Naeem, Taiz, etc., for stallions and Janan, Khalida, Azia, etc., for female horses. 

What are some Irish war horse names?

Irish names and Irish horses – both are equally gorgeous. For that reason. All horse parents want to name their horse after Irish war horses, such as Bailey, Dow, Caith, Eachan, Forba, Lam, Maher, Jed, Prionsa, Roison, and many more. The list of Irish names goes on and on!

What are some Japanese war horse names?

Japanese culture and mythology can be truly fascinating. Not only are the characters of this culture but also the words and meanings of the names. If you want to find war horse names, you can go with Japanese names like Kaoru, Kuru, Tafu, Hisako, Ichika, Kaori, etc. 

What are some Native American war horse names?

For your horse, a war horse name that exudes beauty and power can be chosen from an uncommon list of Native American names. You can explore names like Wapun, Adsila, Taini, Kiona, Dohasan, Kai, and many more, which are all beautiful names.

What are some French war horse names?

galloping black horse with sky as the background

For your gorgeous horse, you can choose French names for horses that sound sweet and beautiful. Names like Estelle, Merlot, Tencendur, Marengo, Percheron, Madeleine, Camille, etc., can add an extra element of uniqueness to the identity of the stunning beauty in your stable. 

Final Words

From winged horses to horse gods and goddesses, the stories surrounding amazing horses will surprise you and enthuse you to name the gorgeous animal in your stable after a war horse.

If you go through any mythology – be it Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Chinese mythology, or any other – you will find immortal horse characters.

Horses in history occupy a substantial space, too! So find your horse a great war horse name today!

chestnut horse with clothes for horse jumping

What are your favorite war horse names? Let us know in the comments below!

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