150 Welsh Horse Names: Most Popular & Traditional Picks

If you’re looking for unique and exciting Welsh horse names, you’ve come to the right place!

Welsh horse names have a rich history, often rooted in the country’s Celtic heritage and mythology.

From traditional Welsh names to modern twists on classic monikers, there’s a perfect name for every Welsh horse.

So, without further ado, keep reading to dive into the world of Welsh names for horses and find the perfect one for your equine companion…

Key Takeaways

  • Welsh horse names are unique and often have historical or cultural significance.
  • Some Welsh horse names are inspired by Welsh mythology, such as Gwyn ap Nudd, the king of the underworld in Welsh folklore.
  • Welsh horse names often have specific meanings, such as Dafydd, which means “beloved,” or Owain, meaning “well-born.”

My Favorite Welsh Horse Names

Top 10 Welsh Horse Names for StallionsWelsh Horse Names for Mares
Llewellyn – “Famous leader” Siwan – meaning “fair and blessed”
Rhys – “Enthusiasm”Eleri – meaning “fair and beautiful”
Cadwaladr – “Battle leader”Gwenllian – meaning “fair and holy”
Gwyn – “White, holy”Rhiannon – meaning “great queen”
Gareth – “Gentle”Eirlys – meaning “snowdrop”
Bryn – “Hill”Ffion – meaning “fair”
Ioan – “God is gracious”Maredydd – meaning “pearl”
Eifion – “Ever”Nia – meaning “bright”
Alun – “Bright, fair”Sioned – meaning “god is gracious”
Maredydd – “Pearl”Catrin – meaning “pure”

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150 Best Welsh Horse Names

  1. Gwyn
  2. Rhys
  3. Gruffydd
  4. Owain
  5. Ieuan
  6. Hywel
  7. Llewelyn
  8. Rhiannon
  9. Eleri
  10. Cerys
  11. Gwenllian
  12. Branwen
  13. Sion
  14. Siwan
  15. Maredydd
  16. Iola
  17. Aled
  18. Bryn
  19. Eifion
  20. Eirlys
  21. Eirian
  22. Elen
  23. Angharad
  24. Aneurin
  25. Caradog
  26. Cai
  27. Caryl
  28. Ceinwen
  29. Dewi
  30. Dilys
  31. Eluned
  32. Esyllt
  33. Fflur
  34. Glyn
  35. Geraint
  36. Gwen
  37. Gwalchmai
  38. Hefin
  39. Ianto
  40. Iwan
  41. Jac
  42. Lleucu
  43. Llio
  44. Manon
  45. Meirion
  46. Nia
  47. Nesta
  48. Osian
  49. Rhian
  50. Sioned
  51. Tegwen
  52. Tomos
  53. Trystan
  54. Tudur
  55. Urien
  56. Wil
  57. Gwendolyn
  58. Llewellyn
  59. Gwyneth
  60. Gwilym
  61. Gwynfor
  62. Dylan
  63. Carys
  64. Gwal
  65. Dilys (True and Loyal)
  66. Eleri (Elen’s Daughter)
  67. Eluned (Idol)
  68. Ffion (Fair)
  69. Gethin (Dark)
  70. Glynis (Valley)
  71. Harri (Harry)
  72. Iola (Violet)
  73. Arian
  74. Arwyn
  75. Blodwen
  76. Carys
  77. Catrin
  78. Cefin
  79. Clwyd
  80. Delyth
  81. Elin
  82. Enid
  83. Ffraid
  84. Galdred
  85. Glesni
  86. Glorfindel
  87. Gwrtheyrn
  88. Hedd
  89. Heini
  90. Iestyn
  91. Ifan
  92. Islwyn
  93. Iwan
  94. Keira
  95. Lleucu
  96. Llinos
  97. Llwyd
  98. Mari
  99. Meinir
  100. Myfanwy
  101. Nia
  102. Non
  103. Nyth
  104. Olwen
  105. Owain
  106. Penelope
  107. Rhian
  108. Rhiannon
  109. Rhianwen
  110. Seren
  111. Siwan
  112. Siôn
  113. Stere
  114. Taf
  115. Tristan
  116. Twm
  117. Urien
  118. Wenna
  119. Will
  120. Gwendolyn
  121. Arwel
  122. Bleddyn
  123. Bryn
  124. Caradog
  125. Ceredig
  126. Cian
  127. Dafydd
  128. Eirian
  129. Eurig Gari”
  130. Arwel
  131. Bleddyn
  132. Ceredig
  133. Cian
  134. Eurig
  135. Gari
  136. Gwynedd
  137. Harlech
  138. Hedda
  139. Isolde
  140. Jenkin
  141. Llangollen
  142. Llyr
  143. Merlin
  144. Nerys
  145. Owen
  146. Peris
  147. Rhodri
  148. Sarn
  149. Taliesin
  150. Wyddfa

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Rich Heritage of Welsh Horse Names: A Journey Through Time

Poet and horse lover Whyte Melville had this to say about horses: “I freely admit that the best of my fun I owe it to Horse and Hound. [1]

Isn’t it fascinating to observe the reverence from big names in history about horses, their character, and their spirit?

When it comes to Welsh horse names, there is a rich history and culture to draw inspiration from.

The Welsh people have a deep connection to the land and their horses, with a history of breeding and training some of the finest equines in the world.

What’s more, they even have a national folk custom based on a white horse, the tale of Marie Lwyd, who 

Welsh horse names often reflect this connection to the land and the natural world.

Besides, many Welsh names are drawn from the landscape, such as names inspired by rivers, mountains, and other natural features.

Other Welsh names are drawn from Welsh mythology, with many horses named after legendary figures and heroes.

The history of Welsh horses is also important when choosing a name. The Welsh pony and cob are two of the most well-known breeds from Wales, with a history dating back to the Middle Ages [2].

These horses were known for their strength, stamina, and versatility and were used for everything from farming and transportation to warfare and hunting.

Many traditional Welsh horse names are still used today to honor these breeds’ history and the culture surrounding them.

If you’re the visual type, feel free to check out this video on famous Welsh names and their origin:

Characteristics of Welsh Horse Names

Welsh horse names are unique and creative, reflecting Wales’s rich heritage and culture.

For centuries, the Welsh have been known for their strong connection to horses, which is reflected in the names they give their equine companions. Here are 3 amazing characteristics: 

#1 Unique and Creative Names

Welsh horse names are often distinctive and imaginative, focusing on beauty and symbolism.

From the traditional “Gwyn,” meaning “white horse,” to the more modern “Dafydd,” meaning “beloved,” these names reflect the emotional solid connection the Welsh have to their horses.

The 20th century saw a trend towards more unconventional names, such as “Dream,” which emphasizes the idea of a horse as a cherished companion and the embodiment of one’s dreams and aspirations.

#2 Reflection of Welsh Heritage and Culture

Welsh horse names often pay homage to the country’s rich cultural heritage.

For example, “Branwen,” meaning “fair raven,” is a nod to the legendary Welsh goddess of love and beauty.

Similarly, “Rhiannon,” meaning “great queen,” refers to a legendary horse goddess in Welsh mythology.

The naming conventions used in Wales also reflect horses’ deep spiritual and cultural significance in Welsh society.

#3 Naming Conventions and Traditions

Welsh horse names often follow specific naming conventions, with names typically chosen based on the horse’s physical characteristics, such as the color of its coat.

For example, “Ceinwen,” meaning “fair and blessed,” is often given to a female horse with a white coat.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, black horses were often named after dark, influential figures in Welsh mythology, such as “Gwrtheyrn,” meaning “king.”

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Choosing the Perfect Welsh Horse Name

Delve into the rich heritage of Welsh horse names as we uncover the customs and techniques for selecting the perfect moniker for your equine companion:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Welsh Horse Name

Quite enriching are the factors to consider, shaping each name to more perfection — here they are:

  • Personality: A horse’s name should match its personality and traits. Consider your horse’s characteristics and choose a name that reflects its unique qualities.
  • Breed: If your horse belongs to a specific breed, choosing a name that fits its breed’s heritage is a good idea.
  • Appearance: A horse’s appearance can also influence its name. For example, if your horse is white, you may choose a name that means “white horse.”
  • Own Welsh heritage: If you have Welsh heritage, you might choose a name that is meaningful to your family.

Best Practices for Naming a Horse in Welsh Tradition

As with anything, there are “best practices” — yup, they’re for your (and your horse’s) own good:

  • Research Welsh names: Research Welsh names to get a feel for the kinds of names commonly used for horses in Wales.
  • Get inspired by Welsh literature: Welsh literature is full of names that would fit a horse. For example, the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas wrote about a “black horse.”
  • Consider the meaning: When choosing a name, consider its purpose and whether it fits your horse’s personality.
  • Get feedback: If you’re unsure about a name, ask friends and family for their opinions.

Tips for Picking a Welsh Horse Name that Suits Your Horse

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect Welsh name for your horse:

  1. Consider your horse’s personality and characteristics. A name that reflects your horse’s unique traits and quirks can be a great way to personalize their name and make it truly special.
  2. Consider the name’s meaning. Welsh names often have a rich history and significance, so choose one that reflects your horse.
  3. Think about the sound of the name. Welsh names can have a musical quality, so consider how the name sounds when you say it.
  4. Consider the horse’s breed. Welsh horses are known for their beauty and grace, so a name that reflects these qualities can be a great choice.
  5. Look to Welsh literature, mythology, and history for inspiration. Many Welsh names have roots in these areas and can provide a unique and meaningful name for your horse.

When naming a Welsh horse, the most important thing is to choose a name that you love and that fits your horse’s personality.

You can choose the perfect Welsh horse name for your beloved dream horse with research, inspiration, and consideration.


1. How do I choose a Welsh horse name?

When choosing a Welsh horse name, consider the horse’s personality, physical characteristics, and lineage.
You can also consider the meaning of the name and how it reflects your horse’s history or heritage.

2. Are Welsh horse names only for Welsh horses?

brown horse

No, Welsh horse names can be used for any horse regardless of breed or origin. These names are a great way to honor Welsh heritage or find a unique and meaningful name for your horse.

3. What are some unique Welsh horse names?

Some unique Welsh horse names include Eiluned, Ffion, and Nia. Other unique options might include names that are less common or have unusual spelling.

4. How can I find the meaning of a Welsh horse’s name?

You can find the meaning of a Welsh horse name by using online resources such as baby name websites or Welsh language dictionaries.
You can also consult with a Welsh language expert or a Welsh cultural organization for more information.


Welsh horse names are steeped in history and culture and reflect the rugged beauty and strength of the Welsh landscape and people.

Whether you are looking to choose a name inspired by the 18th-century Welsh poet, or a popular horse show name, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

With so many horse breeds in the world and horse names that are both unique and meaningful, it is easy to find the perfect Welsh horse name that fits your horse’s personality and character.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something more modern, there are many options.

beautiful welsh pony running in the snow


1. Silver M. 15 of the greatest horse quotes of all time (from Churchill to Shakespeare) [Internet]. Horse & Hound. 2020. Available from: https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/best-horse-quotes-of-all-time-637724

2. Welsh Ponies and Cobs [Internet]. International Museum of the Horse. [cited 2023 Feb 5]. Available from: https://imh.org/exhibits/past/breeds-of-the-world/europe/welsh-ponies-and-cobs/


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