100 Amazing Western Horse Names for Males & Females

Looking for a variety of famous western horse names to fit your new foal?

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Check out our compilation of 100 ideas for males and females!

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Western Horse Names for StallionsWestern Horse Names for GeldingsWestern Horse Names for Mares

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Western Horse Names for Males

We searched all around the wild, wild west for some of the good horse names for your stallion.

Let’s see what we came up with!

  1. Alonzo – great name for the one who’s always prepared.
  2. Angus – Irish name for a real cowboy.
  3. Austin – perfect name for a majestic one.
  4. Bart – for the one who lives on the farm.
  5. Beau – the Italian name for a handsome cowboy.
  6. Bill – this name means “resolute protector.”
  7. Blaze – English name meaning “burning fire.”
  8. Boone – the western name for a blessing.
  9. Buck – this name refers to a free-spirited one.
  10. Caleb – biblical name meaning “promised one.”
  11. Carson – great name for a cowboy.
  12. Clay – for a very ethical one.
  13. Clayton – southwestern name meaning “smooth talker.”
  14. Cody – western name meaning “helpful.”
  15. Coleman – this western name means dove.
  16. Cole – for a victorious one.
  17. Colt – western name meaning “free-spirited.”
  18. Cooper – western name meaning “barrel maker.”
  19. Denver – the vintage name for a gold seeker.
  20. Earle – the western name for a noble leader.
  21. Ezekiel – old western name meaning “happiness.”
  22. Flynn – western name meaning “red-haired man.”
  23. Ford – one of the greatest cowboy names meaning “strong.”
  24. Frank – the western name for a “free one.”
  25. Garret – old western name meaning “strong spear.”
  26. Gary – great name for a modest and brave one.
  27. Graham – the western name for the one who feels like home.
  28. Guy – this name means “guide.”
  29. Handley – English name meaning “high leader.”
  30. Hank – Hebrew name meaning “God’s mercy.”
  31. Harry — western name meaning “protector.”
  32. Henry – cowboy name for the “home-ruler.”
  33. Holt – for the one who lives by the forest.
  34. Ike – western Canadian name meaning “laughter.”
  35. James – this name means “supplanter.”
  36. Jeremy – English name meaning “high-spirited.”
  37. John – this name refers to “God’s mercy.”
  38. Levi – the western name for a good-hearted one.
  39. Logan – this name stands for a servant of Finnian.
  40. Louis – western name meaning “famous fighter.”
  41. Maverick – English name meaning “free-spirited.”
  42. Morgan – great name for a dweller of the seas.
  43. Nash – cool western name meaning “ash.”
  44. Palmer – western name meaning “rugged.”
  45. Pete – after the Greek name meaning “rock”, one of the cutest Greek horse names.
  46. Porter – western name meaning “gatekeeper.”
  47. Quentin – popular western name meaning “the fifth.”
  48. Randy – German name meaning “wolf.”
  49. Ray – this western name meaning “ray of light.”
  50. Reid – western name meaning “red-haired.”

Check these cute Indian Horse Names, too!

Western Horse Names for Females

western horse names ideas
  1. Abby – western name meaning “father’s joy.”
  2. Ames – Latin name meaning “loving friend.”
  3. Arizona – very common western name.
  4. Ashley – this western name means “ashes.”
  5. Autumn – great name for a cowgirl!
  6. Bailey – Old English name meaning “berries.”
  7. Beatrice – Latin name meaning “the one who makes us happy.”
  8. Belle – this name means “beautiful.”
  9. Blossom – the popular western name for a blooming one.
  10. Bonnie – western name meaning “pretty.”
  11. Cassidy – Old Irish name meaning “clever.”
  12. Charlie – western name meaning “strong-willed.”
  13. Dakota – this name means “partner.”
  14. Dallas – popular western name meaning “from the valley.”
  15. Ella – English name meaning “light.”
  16. Etta – well-known western name meaning “ the heart’s keeper.”
  17. Fay – English name meaning “fairy.”
  18. Florence – Latin name meaning “blossoming.”
  19. Genevieve – popular western name meaning “tribe leader.”
  20. Georgia – the western name for a hard worker.
  21. Harriet – popular western name meaning “house ruler.”
  22. Heather – Old English name meaning “flower.”
  23. Holly – western name meaning “holy tree.”
  24. Ida – German name meaning “worker.”
  25. Jacqueline – Hebrew name meaning “the one who supplants.”
  26. Jesse – beautiful name meaning “gift.”
  27. Jessie – cowgirl name meaning “gift.”
  28. Justine – Latin name meaning “rightful.”
  29. Katelyn – western name meaning “pure.”
  30. Kendall – Celtic name meaning “from the valley.”
  31. Lady – English name meaning “worthy.”
  32. Lawrence – the western name for a “fierce” one.
  33. Layla – Arabic name meaning “woman of the night.”
  34. Lilibeth – cowgirl name meaning “God’s promise.”
  35. Maddie – western name meaning “dweller.”
  36. Marybeth – cowgirl name meaning “sea star.”
  37. Montana – Spanish name meaning “mountain.”
  38. Nevada – cowgirl name meaning “covered in snow.”
  39. Oakley – Old English name meaning “wood.”
  40. Patty – Aramaic name meaning “the lady of the house.”
  41. Pauline – popular western name meaning “petite.”
  42. Rhonda – western name meaning “spear.”
  43. Rihanna – Arabic name meaning “sweet.”
  44. Savannah – this name means “grassland.”
  45. Shenandoah – western name meaning “daughter of the stars.”
  46. Sierra – Spanish name meaning “mountains.”
  47. Susanna – Old English name meaning “lily.”
  48. Tallulah – cowgirl name meaning “leaping water.”
  49. Tammy – western name meaning “twin.”
  50. Veronica – popular western name meaning “victorious.”


Cool name for horses, right? If given a chance to own a male horse, I would pick Cody!

For a girl, I love Nevada or Savannah!

Searching for the cutest western horse names to suit your new foal? Check our compilation and you'll surely find the perfect idea!

which ones are your favorite horse names? Share with us below!

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