Top 7 Western Riding Chaps for Horse Riders

If you are wondering where to buy western riding chaps, then this guide is for you!

Here I’ll discuss the top 7 western chaps for women!

02/21/2024 12:29 pm GMT

I’ll also cover important topics like how to take measurements, different types, and more.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Best Western Riding Chaps Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

7 Best Western Riding Chaps – With Reviews!

The other day, an equestrian friend called me to ask about the best western riding chaps on the market.

It seems that her legs were taking a beating during her weekly riding lessons. She was also experiencing some serious chaffing from the saddle.

I recommended a list of best western horseback riding chaps to her. I had personally used some of them while the others were tried and tested by fellow equestrians.

1.      Rod’s All-Around in-Stock Suede Chaps (Winner!)

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02/21/2024 11:59 am GMT

One summer, I worked at my uncle’s barn. It was a great working experience but the thorns were no fun and my legs and jeans took quite a beating.

My cousin recommended that I try Rod’s All-Around-Suede pair of chaps. They worked beautifully and I never experienced another owie again!


  • Made of suede which is a lot cheaper than leather
  • Come with a single concho to secure at the back – looks super cute!
  • Available in 2 sizes.
Fits like a glove!Being made of suede, they are slightly tricky to clean.
Look attractive. Good for riding, barn chores, and showing.

How they compare

Priced under $100, these western chaps are an inexpensive alternative to other expensive leather horseback riding chaps.

The downside is that they cannot be washed in the washing machine – since water tends to ruin the suede. If your chaps get dirty, use a brush to remove the hardened dirt and debris and use vinegar to clean stains.

2.      Weaver Leather Pull-Up Fashion Chinks with Floral Yoke Set (Most Attractive)

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02/21/2024 12:13 pm GMT

Every serious rider needs a pair of soft, supple chinks made from real leather. Weaver leather fashion chinks are extremely well-made and they come with many ties and knots to secure them in place.

This offers complete room for easy movement for the user. If you don’t mind the price and need chaps for shows, then this is the pair to go for!


  • Handcrafted from supple leather
  • Attractive, rich golden tones
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Antique and ornate embroidery detailing.
DurabilityExpensive but totally worth the price.
The tie in the front is very thin and breaks off easily.

How they compare

My friend uses these while riding and she loves them. Definitely, they are pricier than most other entries here but remember that these chinks come from a highly reputed brand. The company definitely needs to redesign its front tie string and make it thicker.

3.      Shiloh Equestrian Riding Adult Suede Leather Chaps (Best Budget)

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02/20/2024 02:46 am GMT

My equestrian cousin has an hourglass figure and she has always had a problem finding chaps that fit snugly. These suede chaps from Shiloh fit her perfectly where all other brands failed.

She is 5 ft 6” tall and wears size 10/12- so she ordered an XL in these and did not even have to unzip them for wearing.  She simply pulls them over her jeans.

The chaps are comfortable and do not bunch at the waist as other chaps tend to do.


  • Shiloh adult suede western rider chaps feature a fringe down each leg and a concho at the back.
  • They’re available in 6 sizes and three attractive colors.
The size choices are perfect as they accommodate various needs like tall, short, or curvy riders.As with most suede items, the color leaks on your clothes. So try wearing similar colored jeans underneath.
Attractive colors and the fringe are super-stylish as well.

How they compare

Shiloh suede western rider leather chaps are the best budget chaps on the market.

If you’re looking for chaps that you’d be wearing infrequently, then these suede-leather chaps are a good choice. Note that they are western chaps with a heel drop style.

4.      JT-Store Brown Fringed Chaps (Great bang for the buck!)

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02/20/2024 02:48 am GMT

My boyfriend’s friend rides almost two to seven times a week in these JT-Store fringed chaps and he said they’re still in perfect shape after nearly 2 years of use!

You can also use these chaps to do your chores around the farm and keep your jeans clear off thorns, poison ivy, etc.


  • JT-Store chaps feature a full length heavy-duty zipper. They have adjustable front and back buckles to ensure better fit.
  • The fringes on each leg are a stylish addition.
  • The double stitching makes them perfect for strenuous barn chores.
  • You can easily trim or cut these chaps to size if you are short.
Extremely durable and long-lasting chaps.The brand has confusing sizing. Extra-large often runs large. If you’re a size 34” waist, go for size M, if you are 38” waist, then go for XL.
Total value for money.

How they compare

I recommend these to anyone looking for western chaps for trail riding. They last long and are complete value for money!

5.      Tough-1 Suede Equitation Chaps (Best Adjustable)

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02/21/2024 12:29 pm GMT

One of my aunts was looking for adjustable western riding chaps as a gift for her equestrian granddaughter. I suggested these chaps from Tough-1 because I had used the brand before (had bought a fly mask for my horse, Tucker).

Besides, they are inexpensive which fits her budget perfectly. Tough-1 chaps are also made using premium leather suede and come in three attractive shades in case her granddaughter wanted to exchange them later.


  • Tough-1 Suede chaps are adjustable thanks to the buckle and concho combo.
  • They have a fringe round each leg and wrap around the back.
  • As stated before, they come in three gorgeous colors.
  • Double stitching at the stress points and heavy-duty zipper.
These are unisex chaps and men, women and young adults can easily find a size for them.Not very long-lasting. The fringe tends to fall off.
Inexpensive, functional, and stylish

How they compare

I’d say that Tough-1 chaps are good for beginner riders or young riders who might outgrow them. They are also good for shows. The fact that they are available in attractive colors is definitely a plus.

6.      Rod’s Kids All – Around in Chaps (Best Kid’s Chaps)

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02/21/2024 12:54 pm GMT

I would recommend Rod’s Kids All-Around Chaps to anyone looking for affordable chaps for young riders.

Rod’s Store is a great equestrian brand – they have everything from dresses to show attire to bedding, to boots and hats.


  • These chaps are made from 97% cotton and 3% Lycra which makes them super stretchy.
  • They have a beautiful fringe down each leg and contrasting ruff and interior collar.
Attractive & affordableA few sizing issues were reported. So, please measure carefully before ordering.
Designed to last a very long time

How they compare

Several of my friends have used Rod’s chaps for their kids’ 4-H shows. They are attractive, affordable, and stretchy enough for growing riders and can be paired with tall boots too.

7.      Weaver Leather Shotgun Grain Work Chaps (Best for Work)

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02/21/2024 12:33 pm GMT

Not everyone needs chaps for horseback riding – some simply want all-purpose chaps to use for motorcycle riding, barn chores, or simply for protection for their legs from poison ivy, snakes, thorns, etc.

Weaver full-grain Leather Shotgun chaps fit this bill perfectly!


  • Weaver shotgun-style chaps are made from high-quality, full grain oil tanned leather.
  • They feature a buckle as well as tie-closure to keep them in place.
Long-lasting chaps from a reliable brand.Sizing is incorrectly reported on the product description.
The feel and quality of the leather are par excellence!

How they compare

If you find a pair that fits, it can last you a lifetime. Unfortunately, most people have had issues with Weaver’s sizing. They mostly are too tight in the thigh area.- but you could get them altered.

Also, they are expensive but that is because of the high-quality leather and superior craftsmanship.

Western Chaps Styles

Western chaps are of the following styles:

  • Hay chaps

These are made of stiff and unlovely cowhide leather and can be bought for what a pair of jeans would cost you.

They fit loosely around the legs and mainly protect a cowboy’s jeans from the damage inflicted upon them by bales of hay.

  • Shotgun chaps/stovepipes

This style is named after the shotgun carrying passengers in olden coaches. These men carried a shotgun to be drawn when faced with potential threats.

The shotgun chaps feature straight and narrow legs. They have been used by cowboys since the 1870s.

  • Batwing chaps

Batwing chaps have flared bottoms and are made with soft leather. They can be fastened around the thighs with buckles or tie-fasteners.

Batwing chaps allow greater freedom of movement compared to the other styles.

  • Chinks/ chincaderos

Chinks are shortened chaps or half chaps. They are loose and can be worn not only for riding but also for barn chores.

Things to Consider When Buying Western Chaps

Please consider the following when shopping around for the best western riding chaps:

Measure Accurately

  • Measure around your waist just below where your belt rests.
  • Next, measure around your thighs and calves ensuring a snug fit.
  • Thirdly, measure the out seam from waist to the ankle. It is important to wear the same riding boot that you’d normally wear for riding.
  • Finally, measure the in-seam from crotch to the ankle.

Related: Half Chaps Measurements Guide


Chaps are available in leather, suede, and even a blend of Lycra and cotton. Select them according to the work you do.

Leather chaps last longer than suede and other materials. Suede chaps are usually difficult to clean and need dry-cleaning or spot-cleaning only.


Choose your style of chaps according to the discipline of riding. You can also choose them based on the kind of work you do. Show chaps have specific requirements as well.

READ MORE: How to Put On Chaps?


What are chaps used for?

close-up shot half chaps but what is purpose of chaps?

So, what are chaps for? Chaps protect the user’s legs and clothing from bushes, thorns, dirt, and other hazards faced during working with livestock. Riders wear chaps to protect their legs from chaffing due to the saddle.

Do western riders wear half chaps?

a lady riding a horse and showing some western riding principles

Western riders do not wear half chaps as half chaps are more common in British riding. However, in casual or pleasure riding, western riders could wear half chaps in warm weather when full chaps would be too sweaty.

What is the difference between chinks and half chaps?

Chinks are western equestrian apparel and half chaps are British. Chinks are shorter than half chaps and have three buttons near the thighs for securing them.

Key Takeaways

The best western riding chaps offer leg protection from the brush. Today, you can buy them in many styles and materials depending on the purpose.

I recommend Rod’s All-Around-Suede chaps which my friends and I have used extensively. They fit snugly and last long. Rod’s All-Around-Suede chaps are also affordable and available in attractive colors as well.

Do check out my other recommendations too.

cowboy riding a horse with his western riding chaps on

What are your favorite best Western riding chaps? Please share with us below!

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