Where Can I Buy A Horse Riding Helmet?

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If you’re wondering where to buy horse riding helmets, we’ve got you covered.

A helmet is one of the first things you need to buy as a new horse owner, as it’s vital for your safety and to reduce the risk of head trauma or injury.

To guarantee your helmet is not damaged and fits you correctly, it is best to purchase your own.

Keep reading to learn where to find them and how to choose the right one.

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Where Can I Buy Horse Riding Helmets?

blue horse riding helmet

Fortunately, finding safety gear for your head is easy.

In most places, wearing a riding hat is mandatory when competing and at a lesson barn.

It is also increasingly common amongst western casual riders. This makes finding horse riding helmets for sale simple, as you’ll see below.

Always buy a riding helmet new, never used. A used hat can contain invisible damage, and the interior lining is molded to the shape of someone else’s head.

You can buy a riding hat from any tack shop in person or online.

Equestrian shops stock a wide selection of horse products in different models and various price points.

Breeches is a reputable equestrian shop that offers a good selection of helmets to suit all budgets. 

To buy your helmet, you will need to measure your head to determine the size you need. More on this later.

What Brands Of Horseback Riding Helmets Are There

horse riding helmets

Several brands make and sell horse riding helmets in different models. The most popular helmet manufacturers are Charles Owen and Troxel.

Both companies take pride in their innovation and research into rider safety.

Charles Owen products fall into the expensive helmet range, while Troxel offers some of its starter helmets at a more affordable price.

Another popular equestrian riding helmet brand is Samshield. The company makes sleek kids and adult helmets, that flatter the rider.

These helmets are commonly worn by hunter, jumper riders. It is a premium product with a matching price tag.

One of the newest equestrian riding helmets on the market is Kask.

However, Kask is not new to safety gear, making head protection for other sports before entering the equestrian world.

The style of these helmets is beautiful, but they are also some of the most expensive available.

Check out the video below for an idea of the style:

One K, TuffRider, Ovation, Tipperary, and Champion are also brands that you will come across.

All of these are reputable brands whose equestrian riding helmets meet at least one of the current safety standards. TufferRider is a good beginner rider option.

How Much Do Equestrian Helmets Cost

equestrians wearing horse riding helmets

Riding hats vary greatly in price.

You can find options for as little as $50. From there, the price can go up to several hundred dollars if you choose a custom model.

Many things affect the price. The materials used and how the helmet is finished, as well as the number of certifications it’s subjected to influence the cost.

Another factor that influences the cost is the image the brand has created for itself.

However, price does not necessarily correlate to safest. Some equestrian safety helmets with all three certifications cost less than models with only one.

Always buy the safest, not the cheapest helmet that you can fit into your budget.

How To Buy A Horseback Rider Helmet

a boy riding a horse

The first step in buying a riding hat is to take an exact head measurement.

This is simple, but you will need a soft measuring tape and a helper. We’ve created a detailed guide about how to measure for a riding helmet.

Take a look, as it will give you all the details you need to get ready to make your purchase.

If it is your first time buying this equestrian product, you can also search to see if there is a tack shop close by.

Head in and tell them it’s your first helmet and you want to find out your head size. The staff will happily help find an accurate measure for your head.

Once you know your head measurements, you can also buy a helmet online via any tack shop.

Doing it this way gives you more choice since you can order from anywhere in the country. It also lets you shop around for the best price.

When shopping online, stick to established equestrian shops.

Do not buy from marketplaces or discount sellers and check the standard shipping and return shipping rates.

Horse riding helmet size corresponds to an inch or centimeters, this is why you need to measure your head.

When on a tack shop website, look for a riding helmet that suits your purpose. 

If you are looking for a helmet for casual riding or riding lessons, then any model aimed at your discipline will work.

You can have fun with colored or patterned riding hats, which will also really appeal to children.

If you need a helmet for competing, then your choice is more limited in regards to style.

For hunters and equitation, you must wear a black helmet without and flair. Keep it traditional.

For the jumpers, you have more freedom of expression, but it can still draw unwanted attention if it is over the top.

If you ride western, the helmet style is slightly different, so look for models designed for this discipline.

The positive thing regarding western helmets is that some color and bright designs are acceptable.

Helmets with a fixed peak are suited to most disciplines but are not allowed for jockeys and eventing during the cross country stage.

Riders participating in these events use a stylish skull cap or jockey skull.

These helmets have no peak and cover more of the rider’s head. In most cases, the rider will cover the complete skull with a fabric cap in a variety of colors and a flexible peak.

To help you find the right hat, we’ve created a buying guide, Best Horse Riding Helmet.

In this guide, we highlight some popular models and where you can easily purchase them online.

Safety Standards

When you are looking for an ideal helmet, always check the safety certification.

Do not buy an equestrian hat that does not have at least one of the three international standards set for equestrian equipment.

The three standards of protection to look for are Kitemark PAS015:2011, Kitemark VG1 01.040 2014-12, and SEI ASTM F1163:2015.

Some helmets have more than one certification. Keep in mind not all standards are equal.

Each standard tests for different types of accidents that can occur involving a helmet.

For example, ASTM riding helmets do not test for when a horse’s foot steps on your head.

While this doesn’t mean that the helmet is missing adequate protection, it just means the level of optimal protection is uncertain.

Ideally, look for a helmet that has all three certifications. This ensures you are maximizing your protection from a head injury.

Horse Riding Helmet Safety Tips

  • When buying and then wearing your riding hat, always follow certain safety precautions. Make a habit of doing it.
  • Measure your head for the correct size. The correct fitting helmet is the most important factor in maximizing protection
  • Never get on a horse without a helmet. Even the quietest horse can spook or trip, causing you to fall off.
  • Determine if your type of head, either a round or oval-shaped shape. This affects which helmet model to buy.
  • Don’t borrow and never buy a used riding hat.
  • Replace your helmet every five years, even if you never drop it or have a fall. The materials that provide protection degrade over time.
  • Only wear equestrian certified headgear. Helmets for other activities are not designed to protect equestrians.
  • If you do have a fall, replace your helmet. Some brands offer a return program. When you have a fall, you can send your items to the company. They will then give you an inexpensive price on a new one. The companies then take the helmet and study it. This helps the development of even safer riding hats.
  • Stick to the same rules for a helmet for kids.

Caring For Your Riding Hat

Now that you’ve picked the ideal equine helmet, to keep it from damage, you need to look after it.

Hopefully, you’ve picked a product with a removable padded helmet liner, this makes it easier to keep smells away.

Depending on the finish your helmet has, you can wipe the outside with a slightly damp clean, cloth. This removes dust that can mark the exterior.

When washing the liner, only use cleaners designed for helmets. These cleaners help remove built-up sweat and grime without damaging the liner.

Never use regular laundry detergent to wash your liner or put it in the washing machine.

And just in case, never put your helmet in the washing machine! Charles Owen has a handy step-by-step guide on how to clean your liner. 

If your favorite riding helmet gets wet from the rain or sweat, make sure it is dry when you put it away.

Store your hat in a helmet bag. You can find bags designed specifically for equestrian helmets for sale at tack shops.

Store your riding hat in a safe location where it won’t suffer a drop or bang.

Always avoid dropping your helmet. This can damage the protective material and is a reason to replace it.


Buying equestrian riding helmets is easy if you arm yourself with some information in advance about the different kinds of helmets.

Stick to using a tack shop either in person or online, so long as it has a good reputation.

various choices of helmets: where to buy horse riding helmets

Do you have some tips on where to buy horse riding helmets? Share with us!

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