100 Wonderful White Horse Names

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If you’re looking for some wonderful white horse names, stick around!

We took inspiration from around the world and in nature for our list.

Below, you’ll find 100 ideas that we absolutely adore.

Let’s get started!

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White Horse Names for Males

  1. Abjad– Maltese word for the color white.
  2. Adonis – Greek name meaning “lord.”
  3. Albus – referring to the color white.
  4. Allegra – Italian name for a white horse.
  5. Alto– shortened version of Altocumulus, a type of cloud.
  6. Anjo – Portuguese name meaning “angel.”
  7. Apricot – for a light brown horse.
  8. Aries – Latin name referring to the white ram.
  9. Auberon – fancy name for a white horse.
  10. Beluga– after the whale, of course!
  11. Biely– means “white” in Slovak.
  12. Badar – Arabic name meaning “full moon.”
  13. Baltas– “White” in Lithuanian
  14. Bernard – this name refers to a white one.
  15. Bijel– Bosnian for “white”
  16. Bo – for a ghostly white horse.
  17. Buddy – because your best friend can be perfectly white.
  18. Casper – after the most adorable ghost.
  19. Charles – for a fabulous white horse.
  20. Cirrus– a type of cloud.
  21. Cloud – this one needs no explanation!
  22. Comet – after the wonderful, shiny comets.
  23. Cotton– after the plant.
  24. Egret– after the white bird.
  25. Endellion – beautiful name for a white horse.
  26. Fari– Hausa word for white.
  27. Funfun– this clever name means “white” in Yoruba!
  28. Feher– Hungarian word for the color.
  29. Falcon – for a wonderful white horse.
  30. Ghost – self-explanatory, right?
  31. Hermes – very old name, great for a fast horse, too!
  32. Hodei– means “cloud” in Basque.
  33. Igloo – adorable name for a white horse.
  34. Jasper – this name refers to the one with white clothes.
  35. Lightning– great one for a speedy horse!
  36. Mayo– a funny food name, too!
  37. Merlin – inspired from the white-bearded wizard.
  38. Marshmallow– needs no explanation.
  39. Nimbo– for Nimbostratus, a cloud type.
  40. Nuage– French word for cloud.
  41. Oblak– “Cloud” in Bosnian.
  42. Pelican– after the white seaside bird.
  43. Sugar – because sugar is white!
  44. Stratus– another type of cloud.
  45. Sydney – Old English name for a white meadow.
  46. Tern– for the bird!
  47. Tofu– another funny food name inspired by something white.
  48. Wolk– Dutch word for cloud.
  49. Valkoinen – Finnish word for the color.
  50. Zeus – perfect name for a majestic horse.

My favorite white horse name for males has to be Valkoinen. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it?


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From clouds to flowers to birds, we turned to nature and traveled the globe to find these 100 beautiful white horse names. Take a look!

White Horse Names for Females

  1. Amaryllis– a beautiful flower name!
  2. Anemone– the Japanese type is white.
  3. Angel – for a real angel!
  4. Arianna – Welsh name meaning “silver.”
  5. Artemis – after the Greek Goddess of the moon.
  6. Aurora – after the Disney princess with blonde hair.
  7. Bella – Italian name meaning “beautiful.”
  8. Bianca – Italian name meaning “white.”
  9. Blanca– “Blanc” means “white” in Catalan.
  10. Bouvardia– after the flower with a star in the middle.
  11. Camellia– a white flower.
  12. Cassandra – Greek name meaning “shining.”
  13. Cassiopeia – after the Greek queen.
  14. Celeste – this name refers to the stars.
  15. Chardonnay – after the white wine.
  16. Daisy – after the beautiful flowers.
  17. Diamond – after the pure, white diamonds.
  18. Dianna – after the Roman Goddess of the moon.
  19. Dove – because doves are white and beautiful.
  20. Fantazmë – Albania for “ghost.”
  21. Fina – Scottish name meaning “white.”
  22. Fiona – Gaelic name meaning “white.”
  23. Flo – Latin name meaning “white flower.”
  24. Glimmer – Turkish name meaning “sparkles.”
  25. Gwyn– Welsh word for the color.
  26. Haiku – Hawaiian name meaning “white flower.”
  27. Iris – after the white flower.
  28. Ivy – after the flower.
  29. Lily – because lilies are beautiful.
  30. Luna – this name means “moon.”
  31. Magnolia– after the flower.
  32. Misty – for a mysterious white horse.
  33. Mozzarella– after the tasty cheese.
  34. Molly – Irish name for the “heart of the sea.”
  35. Nari – this is the Korean word for “lily.”
  36. Orchid – white orchids are some of the best!
  37. Orla – this name refers to a pearl.
  38. Pandora – after the first woman created by Hephaestus.
  39. Pearl – because pearls are white.
  40. Pippa – Greek name for a “lover.”
  41. Rosalba – Latin name meaning “white rose.”
  42. Snowdrop– for the flower.
  43. Snowflake – for the cutest white horse out there.
  44. Sprite – for a very active horse.
  45. Swan– for the white bird.
  46. Stella – this name refers to the stars.
  47. Tulip– there are many white varieties.
  48. WoyeraChichewa word for the color.
  49. Zuri- means “white” in Basque.

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I love all of the names inspired by flowers, but Amaryllis is my favorite of the bunch!

From clouds to flowers to birds, we turned to nature and traveled the globe to find these 100 beautiful white horse names. Take a look!

Your turn! What are your favorite white horse names? Share below!

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