White Mare Frolics in Fresh Snow (Video to Make You Happy!)

Horses are some of the most adaptable animals on Earth. They can live in hot and cold environments, and they can handle both extremes easily.

Their furry coats work to protect them from the cold weather so that they can enjoy a nice little run in the snow.

Horses can tolerate temperatures of up to -40°F with shelter. [1]

Check out this cute lass as she enjoys a little play in the sun. She’s been cooped up most of the winter due to gut issues. So now you understand her excitement for getting some fresh air.

When it comes to winter, horses love to play in the snow. Horses are known for their curiosity and willingness to do anything for fun. 

Even though horses can tolerate cold temperatures, some people have trouble getting their horses to go out in the snow.

 When you take your horse out into a snowy environment, you want them to be comfortable with what’s happening around them. The more comfortable they are with being outside, the better they’ll be able to handle whatever obstacles come their way!

If you’re having trouble with your horse’s cold tolerance, here are some tips on how to help them get used to the cold weather:

1. Give your horse an extra blanket to keep them warm! Heavy waterproof blankets are perfect for chilly weather.

2. Ensure you take care of the hooves. Inspect for the build-up of ice or snow clumps. This will prevent damage to the horse’s hoof.

3. Make sure your horse is well-fed before going out in the snow—this will keep them from being hungry when they’re shivering from being cold inside their stable all day long! 

Julia Wilson, executive director of the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine, says, “Horses should be fed fibrous food to aid in gastrointestinal motility. You should increase the proportion of hay in the diet.” 

Alfalfa is a great feed to add to their diet.

With these few tips, your equine friend can enjoy some time out in the snow.

Need a quick pick-me-up? Watch our hilarious horse playing video – guaranteed to make you smile!


white mare horse running in the snow


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Alexa Bowring
Alexa Bowring

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