Top 10 Worst Names for a Racehorse

We’re seeing lists with the best possible names for horses, but what about the worst names for a racehorse?

From banned names to monikers that make no sense when it comes to naming a super-fast horse, you want to see it all!

So, let’s jump right in and take a look at what we came up with.

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These Are the Worst Names for a Racehorse

From banned names to monikers that make no sense when it comes to naming a super-fast steed, these are the worst names for a race horse!

In horse racing, the owners need to take into account the fact that the horse name will be said out loud for everyone to hear, so before choosing a name, say it out loud first.

Let’s take a look at the worst names for racehorses in history!

While we’d never knock anyone’s pick in a mean way, these names below really just don’t scream “Kentucky Derby winner!”

1. Hoof Hearted

In the UK, the name “Hoof Hearted” is actually banned.

I know it doesn’t seem like such a bad name when you read it, but just try to say it out loud.

See what I mean now?

Of course, everyone had blast the first time the announcer said “Hoof Hearted won!”

If you don’t mind “potty” humor, check out the video below for a laugh!

2. Ha Ha Ha

In their attempts to spice up the atmosphere, many racehorse owners come up with funny Horse names.

However, the owners who chose “Ha Ha Ha” as a name, didn’t think about the fact that the joke was actually on them.

The horse was eventually eliminated.

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3. Ghostzapper

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily the WORST name for a race horse ever, but it’s definitely a strange one!

For a racehorse with such a funny name, you wouldn’t expect him to go too far.

Well, even though no one can say it without smiling, the horse brought his owner a little over $3 million in his career.

4. DoReMiFaSaLaTiDo

The owner who chose this name for their racehorse definitely wanted to have a little fun with the announcers, and I’m pretty sure they did.

However, he managed to win many races, and this name is now part of history.

Still, it’s quite a mouthful and I can’t imagine saying it every time I wanted to call my horse, can you?

Hmmm, maybe you could shorten it to DoRe, pronounced like “dough-ray.” That’s actually kind of cute!

5. Shesellsseashells

Without a doubt, another commentator’s nightmare.

Their luck was that the horse only managed to finish two races, coming in second-to-last, so it was over pretty quickly.

6. Arrrrr

If you Google this horse name, you’ll definitely have a good time.

The commentator sounded like he was part of a pirate’s ship crew, but definitely got into character and made it awesome for the winner, Arrrr!

7. Sofa Can Fast

This is yet another name that has the potential of being completely banned, and you’ll see why if you try to announce it out loud.

Just don’t try it when your kids are in the room.

It is funny, but can be considered inappropriate for some of the audiences. 

8. LOuis velocity

You’d think this would be a perfect name for a race horse, since velocity is all about speed.

However, if you say it fast, it actually sounds more like “losing velocity,” which is definitely not something you want your horse to do!

9. Spineless Jellyfish

Not only it is the worst name for a racehorse, but also pretty mean for someone giving all it’s got.

We can’t argue with the owner’s choices, but this one made it on the list as something you shouldn’t consider!

10. Clyde Van Dusen

Back in 1929, Clyde Van Dusen won the Kentucky Derby.

At first sight, this is a great name for a racehorse. However, things get confusing when the jockey’s name is also Clyde Van Dusen.

Just think of the commentator saying that Clyde Van Dusen won alongside Clyde Van Dusen. 

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From banned names to monikers that make no sense when it comes to naming a super-fast steed, these are the worst names for a race horse!

Now, when you choose the name for your racehorse, think of really cool and easy to pronounce names!

What do you think of these worst names for a race horse? Share your thoughts below!

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